Thursday, March 9, 2017

NOTD: Vineyard (featuring FingerPaints Harvest Hues, Zoya Ness, + UberChic Beauty 11-01)

(Press samples ahead!)


Today I have a quick NOTD to show you--okay, it wasn't quick to make, but I'm going to show it to you in a quick post. :)

I started with a base skittle of FingerPaints Harvest Hues and Zoya Ness, then I used the advanced stamping technique with the image that looks like grapes on UberChic Beauty 11-01:

I colored in the grapes with Literary Lacquers Soul Within Me Burning to get some awesome purple holo going, and with more Harvest Hues. Here's how it turned out:

UberChic Beauty 11-01 over FingerPaints Harvest Hues and Zoya Ness
UberChic Beauty 11-01 over FingerPaints Harvest Hues and Zoya Ness

You may notices some of the lines came out wiggly when I rolled the images over onto the nails--what I learned from this is if I'm going to use images with fine lines like this, it's better to make decals rather than just the advanced stamping technique, because if you roll the image onto the nails, it's much, much harder to keep those little lines from breaking off. So, make decals, and they'll stay put!

Still, I don't mind that it doesn't look perfect--I still think it came out beautifully. What do you think? Do a couple of imperfections make it look more real, or ruin it?

Happy stamping!


  1. Some great designs on this stamping plate.

  2. You're too hard on yourself, this amazing!

    1. Ah, you're so sweet. :) I guess we all focus too much on the flaws in our own work, right??


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