Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: Messy Mansion MM77XL Easter plate!

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Are you ready for Easter? I have a ham, and the ingredients for scalloped potatoes, and now I just have to get some dye to make my eggs.

In the meantime, I have a sweet Easter-themed plate to show you, Messy Mansion MM77XL. Here's the video review I did:

And here's a look at the plate:

Messy Mansion MM77XL
Messy Mansion MM77XL

I love the adorable layering bunny and sheep on this, and I love the 'infinite' easter egg in the center that has so much to choose from, and I adore the cherry blossoms! But my very favorite thing on this plate is the scribble eggs--they're soft and have a hint of sophistication to them.

The full-nail images on the plate are 2 cm x 2.6 cm; here's a shot with a ruler (inches) so you can get a feel for the other images:

And here's a look at how well they stamp:

There are a number of very fine-line images with these plates; if you use these with a clear stamper, my tips are to be generous with the polish and scrape lightly to get the best image. :)

For my manicure, I started with a skittle of Zoya Amira and Lacey (from the spring 2017 Charming collection). Then I stamped the eggs on my accent nails with Messy Mansion Chalk, double-stamped my bunny image with Messy Mansion Chalk and then Hydrangea Blue, then double-stamped the polka dots first with Chalk, then with Messy Mansion Soft Gold:

Messy Mansion MM77XL over Zoya Amira and Lacey
Messy Mansion MM77XL over Zoya Amira and Lacey

Messy Mansion MM77XL over Zoya Amira and Lacey
Messy Mansion MM77XL over Zoya Amira and Lacey

I love this look so much for Easter--it's soft, it's cute and seasonal, but the colors have a little elegance, too. Pretty and fun. :)

You can find this plate and the stamping polishes in Messy Mansion's store, and you can follow Messy Mansion around the internet:

Happy stamping!


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