Friday, December 8, 2017

Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01!

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Today we're going to take a brief break from holiday manis to look at Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01, a plate designed to help you create 3D-nail art with all your awesome gems, but can also make beautiful designs without them. Here's the video review I did of the plate:

And here's a closer look at the plate:

Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01

What's special about this plate: Settings for jewels!!! Use them for actual rhinestones and 3D gems, or make decals to create your own jewelry. My particular favorites are the flowers with the spaces for a little rhinestone or half-pear to accent them.

The images are all different sizes, so here's a shot with a ruler to help you decide if it'll work for you:

Hey, how about quality? Let's take a look:


These swatches were done with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Plummet, and my clear stamper. Fine lines, thick lines, a combination of the two--great quality images. :)

For my first manicure, I wanted to do a manicure to show off some awesome turquoise-y gems I've had forever...I started with a base of Sally Hansen Teal Good, then created a marble to match the gem with Dixie Plates' Marbled 01 plate and Messy Mansion Carbon and Chalk. I stamped my gem setting with  Messy Mansion Sterling, and filled it in with Shinespark Polish Moondust (a holo topper) to give the illusion of crushed diamonds:

Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01 over Sally Hansen Teal Good

Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01 over Sally Hansen Teal Good

I love how this came out--like a gorgeous piece of turquoise jewelry right on my nails!

For my second manicure, I wanted to try something a bit different with that gorgeous dragonfly image. I made a promise to myself recently that I'd free up space in my line-up to get back into nail art challenges--I love them so much, but never seem to have time to do them anymore. So this is my jump back in--the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas group has 'bugs and insects' as its theme this week, so I jumped all over that dragonfly image!

I started with a skittle of The Lady Varnishes Broken Carousel and Dragon (over Sally Hansen Blacky O undies), then stamped with Messy Mansion Sterling and Soft Gold. Then I accented two of the dragonflies with half-beads in gold and silver: 

I am soooo happy with how this mani turned out! It's like magical creature in an enchanted forest. Can somebody please make me a dress with these colors and patterns?!?!!!! But if dragonflies aren't your thing, check out the manicures done by the other participants, linked below. :)

You can find Dixie Plates Nail Gems 01 at Lantern and Wren if you're in the US or Canada, and can check sourcing for other locations on the Dixie Plates site. And don't forget to follow them around the interwebs here:

Dixie Plates Facebook Fangroup:

Dixie Plates on Instagram:

Happy stamping!
M. xoxo


  1. So pretty! That dragonfly one is just gorgeous.

  2. What a brilliant idea for a stamping plate. I love the nail art you did with it! :D

    1. Right?! I love the idea of templates for where to place the gems, because when I try to eyeball these things I always seem to mess them up...

    2. Plus the supporting stamping around it. You can add as much as you want. :)

  3. The one with dragonflies..oh my! You're right, a dress with those colours and design would be amazing.


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