Saturday, August 11, 2018

It Girl Nail Art Stamping Polishes And More!

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Today we're going to take a look at two new stamping polishes from It Girl Nail Art, along with a couple of other new products I think are pretty cool. First, here's a video review of everything:

First up, let's take a look at It Girl Nail Art's clean-up brush:

This brush is sleek, simple, and very functional. The slanted edge allows me to clean right along my cuticle in as few swipes as possible, and the little tip gets into problem areas under my cuticles. LOVE.

Next is their cuticle balm, which I'm OBSESSED with:

You know as a nail blogger I am in a constant cage match with my cuticles, trying to keep them healthy and pretty for close-up pictures, which show ev-er-y thing. But what you don't know is I really hate having greasy/oily skin. I have to force myself to put mosturizer on my face, and spend years seeking out a lotion that works while absorbing almost instantly. So, cuticle oil has always been an unfortunate necessity. Cuticle balm is better, but it  generally comes in those little pots, and to get any out, you have to scrape with your nails and get it under your cuticles and that bugs me almost as much, lol. So when I saw this, I lost my mind. This makes it easy to apply, and while the balm does its job, it's not oily. And, it seems to last through my obsessive handwashing better (no, I'm not joking when I say obsessive).

Okay, time to move on to the polishes! I received It Girl Nail Art Mimosa and Inkwell to play with:

I received It Girl Nail Art Mimosa and Inkwell

Both of these polishes are opaque and were easy-peasy to work with. Here's how they stamp:

So, the deep blue of Inkwell doesn't show up super well over black, but it does show up better than in this picture. It's visible, but not from far away. However, it's gorgeous over white--and look at how well Mimosa shows up over both light and dark bases!

To test them out further, I did a couple of manis. For my first, I wanted to create a mani I could wear with my new Deadpool shirt. I started with a base of Zoya Jack, the stamped two images from It Girl Nail Art IG123 first with Mimosa, then with It Girl Nail Art Ruby. Here's how it came out:

Here it is next to my shirt, so you can see why I chose the colors I did, hehe:

And here it is matted:

For my second mani, I went a very different direction. I wanted to art nouveau elegance, so I started with a gradient of Zoya Abby, Delia, and Toni, then stamped an image from It Girl Nail Art IG103 with Inkwell:

For both of these manis, the polishes were a breeze to work with, even though the images weren't exactly beginner-type! I'm impressed with how well these stamp, and hope to sometime have one in every color. :)

You can find all of these awesome goodies in It Girl Nail Art's store now. And follow them around the interwebs here:

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  1. Both manis are quite nice -- the first one is so fun and the second very elegant!

  2. WOW that gradient with the inky blue over stamping! Gorgeous!


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