Wednesday, October 2, 2019

PPU Alert!: Lantern & Wren Don't Run Upstairs Stamping Polish

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A black stamping polish is the essential backbone of every nail stamper's arsenal--so if you've been looking for one you can also wear as a matte black polish, have I got a beauty for you! Here's Lantern & Wren Don't Run Upstairs: 

Lantern & Wren Don't Run Upstairs

Base Polish(es): Sally Hansen Get Mod, Stella Chroma Hug The Road and All Charged Up
Stamping Plate(s): Lantern & Wren Dab to the Bone
Stamping Polish(es): Lantern & Wren Don't Run Upstairs

This polish stamped well, and covered a variety of colors well. And I love the name--because if you're a horror movie, you know, never EVER run upstairs, lol! Perfect for Urban Legend month, and for a black polish. The finish is matte, so you can wear it as a matte if you want, or cover it with topcoat as I've done here.

Don't Run Upstairs will be available in the Polish Pickup store between Oct 4th and 7th. It will sell for $10.00 and there will be a cap of 150. So if you want a bottle (or two!) make sure you don't miss the sale. :)

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