Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can you stamp with a holo polish?

As the next step in my adventures in holo, I wanted to see how it would turn out if I stamped with a holographic polish over a dark polish. Will the holo sparkle show up when there is only the equivalent of one coat, and maybe only in little bits? So I put together this manicure to test it out. It uses Nubar Reclaim, which is a gorgeous holo that looks very pretty even inside (and for this reason is an ideal holo to try out). For the accent nail, I used Gussied Up Green by China Glaze. I chose that color because it is a very dark green, but when the light hits it, the under-shimmer is very similar to the shimmer in Reclaim. 

I stamped with a Konad plate (I think plate m64, I'll double-check on that). 

Here is a picture of the full mani: 

And here is a picture with a close-up of one of the stamped accent nails (click to enlarge for the full effect):

I was really impressed at how well the holo effect came through even just from the one thin layer put down by the stamp; it was just as sparkly and gorgeous as the other fully painted nails. I keep moving my fingers around to see both the holo effect and the pretty green shimmer highlights. Gussied Up Green is (as you can see) an almost black green, but the highlights are so gorgeous that I've fallen in love with it. :)

So, if you were wondering, now you know--stamping with holos is gorgeous!


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