Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First skittle swatches :)


I love looking at nail polish swatches on people's blogs, so I thought I would swatch some of my polishes for my blog. However, I don't have nearly enough time and patience to swatch each color on a full hand...so I'm going to do 'skittle swatches' (a term I learned on www.scrangie.com, my favorite blog for swatches). It's probably obvious, but a skittle swatch is where you do each color only on one nail.

Here I've done four greens that I love. My favorite color by far is red, and I generally prefer red on everything--clothes, appliances, cars, everything. But I've discovered that when it comes to nails at least, green is by far my second favorite color. Anyway, these are 4 'ugly' greens, which I seem to like even more than typical greens. :) These are all two coats, no topcoat.

From left to right, these are:

China Glaze: Trendsetter (Metro Collection, Fall 2011)
China Glaze: It's Alive! (Haunting Collection, Halloween 2011)
China Glaze: Westside Warrior (Metro Collection, Fall 2011)
Revlon Colorstay: Spanish Moss

I love the pea-green look of 'Trendsetter'...I really love the tiny gold glittery particles in it that give it an interesting texture. 'It's Alive!' is the perfect zombie color--it's a glitter that has different sizes and shapes of glitter in it, but the glittery-ness isn't over the top sparkly, and has a nice range of color effects in it; this is exactly what I'd imagine would happen to cute pink glitter on your nails after the zombie virus hit you. 'Westside Warrior' is amazingly versatile! It's a camo-green sort of color that's strangely complementary to a variety of colors I normally wear in my clothes, and the finish on it si really nice for a creme (not chalky or bland).

The last, 'Spanish Moss' is one I just recently bought, because I wanted a  mossy, sage-y color. This is the first time I've tried it on, and I really like it--it's a good light alternative for me, because I don't really care for pastels, but sometimes want a lighter color on my nails.

Hope you see something you enjoy. :)


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