Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Bundle Monster Secret Garden 700 series stamping plates


Bundle Monster recently came out with a new set of plates, this one in the collage style that I love so much. Of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

The set has 25 plates, and have a heavily floral theme; within that there are tropical plates, garden plates, forest plates, and a scattering of other specific looks.

First up is my video review of the plates, for those who prefer to see them in motion while someone chats about them:

Next up are the still shots of the plates, so you can peruse them at their pleasure:

Bundle Monster 701
Bundle Monster 701: the key to my lotus blossoms

Bundle Monster 702
Bundle Monster 702: Frolicking in the woods with berries and ferns

Bundle Monster 703: Secret garden hidden in the glade

Bundle Monster 704
Bundle Monster 704: A beautiful day to cycle through the meadow

Bundle Monster 705
Bundle Monster 705: Word collage for your accenting pleasure

Bundle Monster 706
Bundle Monster 706: Monet's Japanese Garden

Bundle Monster 707
Bundle Monster 707: Enchanted park on a windy day

Bundle Monster 708
Bundle Monster 708: Fabulous peacock fountain

Bundle Monster 709
Bundle Monster 709: Gorgeous gardening cherry blossoms and roses

Bundle Monster 710
Bundle Monster 710: Spring sunflowers

Bundle Monster 711
Bundle Monster 711: Tiki garden madness

Bundle Monster 712
Bundle Monster 712: mystic mermaid

Bundle Monster 713
Bundle Monster 713: Hawaiian hello

Bundle Monster 714
Bundle Monster 714: Welcome to paradise

Bundle Monster 715
Bundle Monster 715: Hedgehog haven

Bundle Monster 716
Bundle Monster 716: boughs of beauties

Bundle Monster 717
Bundle Monster 717: Gorgeous goddess

Bundle Monster 718
Bundle Monster 718: Beautiful bustling butterflies

Bundle Monster 719
Bundle Monster 719: melodious swirls

Bundle Monster 720
Bundle Monster 720: Bird in paradise

Bundle Monster 721
Bundle Monster 721: vinescape to neverland...

Bundle Monster 722
Bundle Monster 722: Squirrely skunk admit berries and cosmic apples

Bundle Monster 723
Bundle Monster 723: KITTIES!!!!!!

Bundle Monster 724
Bundle Monster 724: Spring garden

Bundle Monster 725
Bundle Monster 725: Koi pond (or Coi or Koy, whatever floats your boat :) )

It's hard to communicate the size of the images on these plates, since there is so much variety within the set, so here are two of the plates next to a Konad plate for comparison purposes:

Bundle Monster 715 vs. Konad
Bundle Monster 715 vs. Konad

Bundle Monster 725 vs. Konad
Bundle Monster 725 vs. Konad

But the most important question is, how do they stamp?

Stamping test of Bundle Monster 700 series stamping plates
Stamping test of Bundle Monster 700 series stamping plates

The plates stamped well without any special gymnastics on my part. I love that the special details in the images, like the woodgrain on the door, are preserved.

Overall, I think this is a solid collection. I love that it doesn't have the harsh lines between sections; I think this gives more flexibility to the plates, allows you to work more seamlessly (literally!) with the different patterns. I personally would have liked the set to have a fewer flowers and more of the other details (like that beautiful door); however, flowers are always good to have and are universally popular. This isn't meant to be an edgy or artsy set, and it delivers a variety of lovely looks quite well.

I bought my plates directly from Bundle Monster; you can also find them on Amazon.

Happy stamping!


  1. Such a nice review on this stamping set! I've been really into stamping myself and like these collage type plates are great to use.

    1. You know how much I love them! I get a little anxious now when I have to use my older plates that have smaller much nicer to have the larger area and the flexibility. :)

  2. Oh wow some really lovely plates :-D

  3. These look great! I love the plate with the kitties on it. So cute!

  4. Replies
    1. Definitely a lot of beautiful images to play with. :)

  5. So many great floral designs! I want to get my hands on these too!

  6. I keep seeing these and I have to convince myself, I have enough plates. I don't need more. I don't!

    1. Welcome to my life...If I were to do a different mani every day and never repeat a pattern, I'd be able to fill a year with no repeats, at least. But I tell myself I like to have choices, lol...>.< (shh, don't tell Mr. LOLH...)

  7. Replies
    1. I love key images--definitely one of my favorite images on these plates. :)

  8. I like these overall, but also think the flowers get a bit much. It would put me off buying the entire set.

    1. Totally agree with you. I was on the fence about buying these for that very reason. I'm not a flowers-and-butterflies person as my default, although of course I like them now and then. I would have liked to see more images that were related but not flowers.

  9. I haven't bought any Bundle Monster yet, but the Secret Garden plates have really caught my eye. I love the art nouveau looking elements.

  10. Great review! I have a few plates from this collection and really enjoy them! BM has really improved their etching!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, that one series had so many complaints! I'm not seeing any issues here. :)

  11. Wow, these are some pretty designs, i liked BM 719: melodious swirls most. Thank you for sharing such great review post.

  12. This looks like a wonderful stamping set! I'm wary of BM plates because of the older ones I own, they are terrible. These look to be etched much better and have such a great theme to each of them! Thanks for the post!

    1. There was one set that had a few really horrible plates, etching wise...these are way better. :)

  13. These were tempting when they first came out - now they're even more so!! Great post!

  14. Pretty plates, I like your video reviews :)

    1. Thank you so much...they're a little geeky, but hey, it's who I am, lol!!

  15. Fantastic review. I was eyeing these in the store but now I know for sure I'll get them.

  16. Nice review. I'm not a huge stamper but I bought these not too long ago and I can't get em to stamp properly. One day I'll get the hang of it.

    1. Are you new to stamping? Take a look at this, see if it helps:

  17. I love your captions; all charming, poetic, mysterious.. and then there's "[ermahgerd] KITTIES!!!!!!"! :)))

    Lovely, subtle plates. Also: [yay for changing nail polish between takes] what's that purple beauty at the end on your right(?) hand thumb?

    1. Hee hee hee...I love it when someone loves on my captions! And that's Finger Paints Magenta Mural. Grrr, I should have known you'd love that one!


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