Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Bundle Monster 'Create Your Own' Collection

(Purchased with my own money. Affiliate links.)


I am finally caught up on my stamping plate reviews!! And today I am very excited to present to you the Bundle Monster 'Create Your Own' collection, which was created from the input of stampers like us!

Of course I have made a lovely, silly video with my deeply insightful observations about the plates, along with a stamping test:

And of course I have still shots for you:

BM401: Love these octopuses (octopi?) and that bird is very folk-arty

BM402: Tape manis and mustaches and coffins, oh my!

BM403: How cute is that Celtic-style four-leaf clover?

BM404: Infinite love and thought clouds make me happy inside

BM405: Live, Laugh, Love...especially, love the Egyptian and origami images

BM406: Every one of these is a winner

BM407: I love that stylized forest at the top...

BM408: I love the globe and the faux glitter...I wonder how good that will look to make cool patterns

BM409: Love that linguini pattern and the sweet tree...and DNA is always useful. :)

BM410: Beautiful Grecian-type pattern and stunning phoenix

BM411: The mosaic heart is so sweet and so are the XOs

BM412: Top image is great for anyone who struggles with the opposing dots manicures--like me >.<

BM413: this screams Dia De Los Muertos to me...so I already did a mani of that!!

BM414: The cityscape is fantabulous, the fingerprint is awesomerific, and the seahorse is wonderlicious

BM415: This entire plate is just a great big gob of WIN

BM416: One of my top priorities is to figure out the best way to use the splatter image to eliminate any need to do splatter manicures by hand ever again...

BM417: Is that an ant? A grasshopper? A mutant spider? There's no need to decide.

BM418: Claddagh image = long overdue

BM419: I love Paris in the Springtime...with feathers and chintzy patterns, too. :)

BM420: Corsets and masks and zippers! Just a fun night at home.

BM421: Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession...(but I love the caution tape the most)

BM422: Love the brick wall on this

BM423 Some standards

BM424: For everyone that love pandas, or has been wanting to do the butterfly mani

BM425: Sweet nothings. :)

BM426: Shouldn't there be a fine line between these two? 

In terms of size, here is a comparison with a standard Konad plate; you can see these images are a little wider and a titch taller than the Konad:

When I tested these plates, all but two stamped very well, and you can see the results of those tests by clicking here. Also, here is the link to the Dia De Los Muertos manicure I did with this set (click here). I did have trouble with two plates, where were etched a bit too shallowly; I contacted Bundle Monster about this, and they are sending out replacement plates. I don't think this is indicative of the overall quality of the plates, and you shouldn't let that stop you from buying this set--I have literally had at least one bad plate from every main-stream brand I've ever purchased. For me, the issues are whether or not the bad plate is the exception or the rule, and whether or not the company makes it right. In this case, it is definitely the exception and the company is making it right.

What are my feelings on the set overall? I think it's a wonderful idea to get input from stampers on what sort of images we'd like. The set that they ended up with is eclectic, and I really like about 2/3rds of the images; the rest I am either not that crazy about or I feel like I already have them in my set. But the 2/3rds that I do like (and that's a pretty darn good percentage for any set, I think), I really, really like. Crossword puzzle? Circuitry board? Caution tape? Mardi Gras mask? Sugar Skulls and skulleletons? These are unique, or unique twists on things I already have, and that makes it more than worth it to me. :)

You can buy these plates by clicking here.

Hope this was useful for you! Hugs, and happy stamping! :)


  1. wow this is great! I got recently the 2012 collection, my first BM plates and... well it's a cool collection but there's definitely some that I find less appealing in the 2011 and 2010 to justify buying the whole collection¨. These are great news!!

    1. Glad I could help! I think it was a great idea to ask stampers what they wanted, and I hope they do it again. :)

  2. Haven't bought a stamping plate for ages :) I like the collection.

    1. I admire your restraint, lol! I think I might be a stamping plate addict...

  3. Now that is an all-round awesome set! For so many reasons, really - the price (it seems to be one of the more affordable sets?); the idea behind it - "fan-made", how cool is that!; and the, err, ratio of likable/usable images.
    Pandas are the bestest thing alive ever!! (err. yes. :)); that globe is fantastic; claddagh is gorgeous; that skyline; patch/stitches; thought bubble; all the swirly thingies; bundle monster him-(it?)-self! :).. Though that fingerprint really amuses me - I can achieve that same effect all on my own! :D

    Can't wait to see all of your fantastic designs with this set!

    1. I agree completely--and good point about the price, it really is a great price. And thanks for your confidence in my designs, hee hee. :)

  4. You can't seduce me into getting this one...I got it at the same I bought the Holiday set. LOL

    So many new plates to stamp, so lil time!

    1. ::puts away snake charmer flute and boxes up the snakes::

    2. Oh fine! Don't share your toys...like you won't soon show something else I'll just have to have? LOL

    3. ROFLMAO!! You are always a bright spot in my day. <3

  5. BM 421 I couldn't get the candy hearts to work so well and BM 413 the skeletons would not stamp well either so I guess I will be contacting them for replacements. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yes, definitely contact them. 413 is one of the ones I had problems with, too. :(

  6. Wow great set of plates, thank you for taking the time to show each one in such detail. I think the insect on 417 is a praying mantis? I think I'll have to buy these....uh oh! xx

    1. I think you're right...someone else said that on the YouTube page, too! Whatever it is, I have a fun idea for it...let's see if it makes it up soon...hee hee hee hee heeeeeee! ::wicked witch laugh echoes through the room::

  7. Hi :), about BM417, it's mine image that you try to guess.
    It's MANTIS that live in my home.

    1. Sorry about that! A couple of people corrected me, lol. I'm not too familiar with Mantises, and I'm glad to learn more about them. Thank you for letting me know! :)


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