Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dupe or No Dupe: Zoya's Urban Grunge one coat cremes, part 2

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Welcome to part two of my comparisons for Zoya's Urban Grunge Cremes! Okay, so, warning up front--this is more of a comparison post than a dupe post. So, like in the Princess Bride, I don't want the suspense to get away from us, lol...This is more for the 'I have the one, should I get the other' sort of comparisons. :)

Today's first battling duo is Zoya August Vs. Zoya Lake. Lake is the closest light gray I have, and while I think of it as a gray with a titch of blue, you can see it looks very blue next to August:

Zoya Lake Vs. Zoya August
Zoya Lake Vs. Zoya August

Yeah, probably not going to have too much of a surprise here...

Zoya Lake Vs. Zoya August
Zoya Lake Vs. Zoya August

So in this case there's definitely no dupe here, and if you need a gray that's a little darker and more pure gray, August is your lady. It's funny, maybe it's just me, but I've always struggled with finding the perfectly 'right' shade of gray that's not too dark or two light. I think August is a really nice almost-medium.

Also, don't forget--August is a one-coater, while Lake required two coats to cover.

Okay, our next set of challengers are Zoya Tara and Zoya Toni--that's right, folks, even the names are similar! Let's take a look at them in the bottle:

Zoya Tara vs. Zoya Toni
Zoya Tara vs. Zoya Toni

Hmm...we may have a run for our money here...

Zoya Tara vs. Zoya Toni
Zoya Tara vs. Zoya Toni

So, definitely no dupe here, but these are close enough that you possibly only need one if you're looking to spread your Zoya dollars around. Toni is definitely a titch lighter. And in this case I needed two coats from both of these polishes to get coverage, so not much difference there. Use that money to get yourself a different awesome color--or, hey, get them both, who am I to judge?!?!

So there you have my closest comparables for August and Tara...I'll be back soon with my comps for the last two Zoya Urban Grunge cremes--same bat time, same bat channel!

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  1. Really nice comparison of them to other similar polishes.


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