Thursday, June 13, 2013

Before & After: 1960s Mod Squad


This week the Llama Nails way-back machine is taking us to...the 1960s! I wasn't alive then, but I hear it was a great decade, and there's certainly no denying that some awesome music and fashion came flooding out of that era in a major way. I decided to focus on the fashion side of it, and bring you a manicure that I'd love to have as a groovy mod dress. :)

I started with a Julie G Rock Candy, a pretty teal textured polish with lots of sparkling glitter:

Julie G Rock Candy, indirect sun

Julie G Rock Candy, direct sun

I wanted to go with a slightly darker teal, so I put a coat of Zoya Frida over it:

Julie G Rock Candy + Zoya Frida

Finally, because when I think of 1960s' fashion, I think of geometic patterns and blocks of color, I chose a square-block pattern from Pueen 16, and stamped it using Barry M Silver Foil. Then I added a couple of rockin' doughnut glequins to each nail, to give contrasting shape and a complementary color...oh, and they kinda look like little 45s, which my mother assures me was the way she listened to music as a little girl:

I love the look of the stamping over the texture--it reminds me of a beautiful chenille fabric. :) Overall I think the look is fun, mod, and very groovy, baby. :)

Thanks for looking! Peace, love, and retro hooks,


  1. Funky pattern design to it! I really like it :)

  2. Super cute!! Love your creativity on this one!! Love those little donuts!!

    1. Thank you! I'm really starting to get into sequins that are different shapes. :)

  3. Fun! The donut glequins are a nice touch!

  4. These are adorable! When I first just scrolled through the pictures, I thought they were supposed to be computer chips!

    1. Thank you! And now I want to make computer chip nails, lol...:)

  5. Which nails! So cool and good looking! :)


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