Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Cheeky Jumbo plate 4 (Top Of The Class)

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Yes, you guessed it--okay, the title sort of gave it away--it's time for the next in the Cheeky Jumbo numbered series. It's okay, you can 'woo-hoo' if you want--although we won't get to that image until one of the upcoming plates. Yes, that's right, there's a 'woo-hoo' image--so all us woo-hoo girls can embrace our woo-hoo-ness! (Don't mind me, I'm in a crazy silly mood because I just executed a manicure I never thought I'd be able to execute--you'll get to see that next week, as my second 'neon' entry).

But today we're on plate 4, and the theme of this plate is 'Top Of The Class'. This is a theme most of us can relate to in one way or another--we have either been students, have students, or have kids that are students. And for those of us who don't have kids and don't want to relive our student days, there are still plenty of fun things to be done with these images--I'm pleased with the range of ideas on this one. :)

Like the three that came before, the top third of this plate is isolated images, while the bottom two-thirds are full-nail images. And like the three that came before, you can see the plate in video form if you like, accompanied by my stream-of-consciousness observations about the plate, you can find the video here:

Now, for the images! Again, my photos overlap, but there are no repeat images on the plates:

Peace, man...Peace. That'll be fun for any 1970's summer-of-love type manis. :)

That middle guy is how I felt taking tests...

That guy with the mohawk is so completely awesomelicious, there are no words.

That wannabe Starbucks cup is going ot be very popular with my nails...

Are those badminton shuttlecocks in the upper right?

I love the lined paper, the abacus, and the weird alien tentacles. :)


Cap and gown and diploma ftw!

Love the artist's palette

I wonder what happened to that poor guy on the bottom right...looks like finals week...

Top right = Connect Four in my mind. You wait, it will happen. 

Do any of my readers actually remember a time when hand-bells were used to ring in class? Who cares, it's a fun image. 

Beakers make my not-so-inner science geek happy!

I did a stamping test of the plate, and it stamps just fine--no problems, good quality engraving, good image transfer. I tried it with a typical stamping polish, not a top-of-the-line polish, and I still had no problems. If you want to see a side-by-side of the images I tried out and the stamped nail, you can see that in the video. :)

Finally, here is the comparison with a standard Konad plate:

As you can see, these images are a little bit larger than the standard Konad full-nail image. You can also see that the engraving is of similar quality. If you want a more exact measurement of the relative images, please take a look at my size-comparison post, which you can find by clicking here.

As always, I appreciate you taking a moment to check out the post! You can find this plate on Amazon, by clicking here.  I'll be back soon with Cheeky Jumbo plate 5. :)

Peace and happy nail-mail dreams,


  1. i love these plates so much - i bought them all, and yup, Connect 4 :)

    1. Aren't they great? A wide variety of images, good quality. They done good!

  2. Ack! The safety pins are so cool! I want to do a plaid mani and paint little safety pins on it now :D Is it bad that the "weird alien tentacles" looked like some sort of sex toy handcuffs to me?

  3. Super awesome fun plates! I love the designs on them :)

    1. And super affordable, too. I forgot to put the pricing info, have to add that in when I get home!

  4. Great detailed post... Thanks :)


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