Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: Mash 51-75, second generation set

(Purchased by me; affiliate links)


I almost forgot to do a video and post about the second generation Mash plates (purchased with my own money). Okay, I did forget, I'm not gonna lie. But I remembered now! So here is the video:

And here are the still shots:

Mash-51: QR code FTW!!

Mash-52 Cute Snowflakes!

Mash-53 Love the maze and the swirly French tip

Mash-54 Pretty script image. 

Mash-55 Awesome pagoda :)

Mash-56 Rock 'n' Roll skeletons

Mash-57 Interesting webbing!

Mash-58 Mayan calendar??

Mash-59 Ride the wave, dude...

Mash-60 That globe charms my heart :)

Mash-61 Nature's Bounty

Mash-62 Some standards

Mash-63 Smaller Mayan calendar for travel purposes

Mash-64 These remind me of Southwestern style decorating. :)

Mash-65 Walk like an Egyptian

Mash-66 Safari time

Mash-67 Comics style

Mash-68 Baby, it's cold outside

Mash-69 Love the diamonds at the top

Mash-70 An evening out

Mash-71 I admit, this one leaves me cold...

Enlarged to see the delicate patterns

Mash-72 Swirls and dots

Mash-73 Livin' in the wild, wild west

Mash-74 I love dinosaurs!!

Mash-75 Love that lady at the top. :)

My summary: The quality of the plates is excellent, and there are some fun new things here, although not too much that bowls me over. I think most stampers can do without many of the images here that seem to recur in almost every set out there (like the apple, strawberry, anchor...). But, there is enough that's new or different here to justify the price (you can buy them here), especially if you're new to stamping and don't have sets.

Here are two manicures I've done with these plates, so you can judge the stamping quality:

QR code manicure
Leaf Skeleton Manicure

Thanks for stopping by--I hope you're having a wonderful New Year's Day!


  1. Pretty stamping set! Those are some wonderful designs!

    1. There definitely are. I can't say enough about that QR code one. :)

  2. That dinosaur plate! I might be in love haha. I'm probably going to end up buying these just for that one (:

  3. Really pretty plate set! Those dinosaurs tho... Love it!!! Thanks for the great review! :)

  4. Aw man! I thought I was going to be able to pass on this got me again! lol

    1. mwah hah hahhh..Mwah Hah Haaahhh...MWAH HAH HAAAAHHHHH!!!


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