Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Winstonia second generation plates 201-222

(Purchased by me; affiliate links)


You asked for it, so you got it! I'm back with a review of the Winstonia second generation plates, 201-222.

You know I did it--I always do it--you know you'd miss it if I didn't--here's the video:

And next, still shots of each of the plates:

Winstonia 201: Some geometric stuff, my favorite is the one that looks like stacks of books

Winstonia 202: I love the skeleton leaves and the stripes look like a monster shredded something

Winstonia 203: I've been told that the little image on the bottom right, which I called a pot belly stove, is a pagoda. Thank you for helping me! I have to admit it still doesn't look like either one to me, really...

Winstonia 204: lots of images that make me think of movement! Plus, a princess phone at no additional cost to you!

Winstonia 205: Love the map-esque image to the left that would make great distressed backgrounds. So would the cracked earth looking one on the right

Winstonia 206: Unicycles are cool! All the cool kids own them!

Winstonia 207: Even I, the person who doesn't adore heards, loves that top image. :)

Winstonia 208: Fairy tales and Strawberry Shortcake houses...

Winstonia 209: Let's go to the circus...

Winstonia 210: I've been told the central image is a fish from Finding Nemo. I have not seen this movie (I know, I know) so I will have to trust you. It definitely isn't the otter or manatee I thought it might be...>.<

Winstonia 211: When the chilis start to dance, you know it's a party

Close-up: that blue spot is from the film that was over it, and I removed it with a bit of acetone. :)

Winstonia 211: Possibly the coolest butterfly wing ever...

Winstonia 213: Ah...dreamcatchers...Where was this image when I was doing my WoW druid manicure...

Winstonia 214: Love the bison/buffalo and the skull

Winstonia 215: Princesses and castles and knights :)

Winstonia 216: Disco is not dead!!

Winstonia 217: that moon + sun image is just gorgeous...I have to do a night sky manicure with that...sigh...

Winstonia 218: The Netherlands! With a fence that doubles as train tracks if you want!

Winstonia 219: Russian nesting dolls are amazing and adorable and I loves dem

Winstonia 220: I do love the dinosaurs, but the volcano is highly exciting

Winstonia 221: Stir that cauldron little Witchy-Poo! Or that grim reaper will come for you!

Winstonia 222: Possibly my favorite Christmas tree image ever

And next, I have the comparison with a standard Konad plate for you:

As you can see, the full-nail images are a bit larger than the Konad images, so you have a bit more wiggle room to cover your whole nail if your nails are a bit larger. :)

So how do they stamp? I did a quick test manicure with 218 to see (the clouds are from MoYou Landscape/Mother Nature 06). I'm showing you the first attempts at stamping the images, no trying to get it perfect; I used Sally Hansens and Barielles for the stamping polishes:

You can see I had a teeny bit of trouble with the edges of the windmill; I think this was due to the fact that I moved a bit slowly, and I think it would be fine in another go round. I double-scraped the orange tulips and you can see my edges are not clean. But the red and green came out beautifully (I stamped first in yellow, but it didn't show up well enough for you to see the image). So I would say these work well, but they aren't completely error-proof if you're going fast and furious with them. Of course, not many plates are. :)

You can buy the plates here. I hope this has been helpful, and I hope you're planning a wonderful weekend!!

Hugs and loves,

(The plates in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. What fun plates in this set! :)

  2. Omg, the plate with the dinosaurs….I need it! :D Haha these all look super cool though!

  3. Those dinosaurs look fantastic :D Haha

  4. Um. I actually really love your test manicure :) (WHAT is that base polish?? So light, gentle, sweet, spring-like!)
    The plates look fun (the dinosaurs, haha), but I'm in love with that sweet koala bear (adorable!).

    1. Thank you, you're very kind! I like it except for the little imperfections, but I do like to try to show truthfully how my first stamping efforts go, when I can. :)

      The base polish is a Barielle from a spring-ish set I'm reviewing and will show you's called Mint Ice Cream Cone. :)

    2. Ah, you make it seem so effortless! :)

      And thanks for that info, it's a really lovely shade. Can't wait to see your swatches & review.

    3. Oh hush, lol!!!! I'll take a picture of my face the next time I'm tempted to throw my polish across the room, ROFL!! :)

  5. I love the dinosaur plate. Your test mani is awesome!

  6. ooohh some of these plates are just to die for, love them!

    1. It's an interesting set...I'm interested to see where they evolve from here. :)

  7. I love the two swirly looking images in the middle of 203...I agree with you those two images from 205 would look really good with your distressed technique :) thanks for sharing!


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