Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Bunny Nails plates BuNa-A and B


I'm back with Bunny Nails plates BuNa-A and BuNa-B, which were sent for review. I'm a big fan of Bunny Nails' plates because they're good quality and I love the style of images she selects. And, as you know, I try to make it a priority to support independent makers, and she's certainly a deserving one! :)

First and foremost here is my video showing the plates and discussing them:

These plates aren't made specifically for spring or Valentine's Day, but in my opinion they have that feel to me, so that's how I'm thinking of them. However, I don't want to leave any confusion, because she does have holiday plates that have images designed more specifically for Valentine's Day; I reviewed those plates and you can find them here:

Bunny Nails HD-A
Bunny Nails HD-B

Okay, so now that I've cleared up any accidental confusion, let us move on to the still images...first Bunny Nails BuNa-A:

Bunny Nails BuNa-A

That top left stamp is the one I used in yesterday's manicure

Flowers and lace say romance to me...:)

This tree looks like it has spring buds on it. :)

Flourishes and delicate branches. :)

Those roses are the ones I used on yesterday's manicure; the butterfly scroll one is one of my very favorites. :)

A collage image with plenty of options for fun use

And then BuNa-B:

Bunny Nails BuNa-B

I want to try a watermarble look with that top right one...

I adore that paisley swirl :)

Beautiful script and pretty flowers :)

Trippy chevron-y stripes...

Pretty cherry blossoms and I love the little foliage branches. :)

I can feel your heartbeat...next to mine...

As with all of the other Bunny Nails plates I've tried, these plate stamps beautifully; you can check out the quality in the test manicure I did, by clicking here. One of the things I love about Bunny Nails plates is that she designs the plates to have images that work well with one another, and these plates are no different; she has some that are carbon images of one another, and several that can be used to build scenes across your nails. I I love the romantic feel to these images; I think they can make excellent romantic manicures without being too super sweet or cutesy if you don't like that sort of thing. And, as always, her full-nail images are just huge, so you don't have to worry about them covering your nails unless you have really, really long nails. :)

The plates are currently on sale in her store, along with many other cool ones; you can find them through these links:


If you haven't tried any Bunny Nails plates, I definitely recommend checking them out. And don't worry, you'll be seeing more manicures with these plates before very long...

Hugs and loves!


  1. I love Bunny Nails plates!! She always gets me with her unique and gorgeous designs!

  2. Must resist...don't need new plates right now! Aaaaaagh!!!! Run away, run away! <3

    1. You may want to avoid my blog for the next couple of weeks, lol...there will be lots of plates...mwah hah haaaahhhh

    2. Mine too, so maybe I can return the enabling...I mean favor. LOL

    3. OoooOOOoooo!!! ::says in Zombie voice:: Plates...plates...PLATES!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, these plates look amazing! Such gorgeous designs!

  4. Oh, these are so very pretty! I agree with your sentiments, they don't look too cutesy, but really romantic and elegant.

    (btw, my feedly & blogger stopped showing me new posts from you! :O
    Just wanted to let you know (or if you already do, do you maybe know why is that so?) in case you've noticed less traffic/visits to your blog, this might be the case; and am also wondering where the glitch/bug/problem lies.. even if I remove your blog from both [feedly & blogger] and add it back, it only shows posts up to "steel rose" one)

    1. Thanks for letting me know...I don't know much about Feedly, but I'll try to check it out. Blogger has been doing some really strange things to me and other people lately--for example, the search function no loner works. I should check bloglovin' as well...grrr....


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