Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday Before & After: Elegant trellis


Here's one from the vault...I did this back when I was really struggling with my cuticles, so I never showed it. But I think the design is cute, fast, and elegant, so I thought I'd throw it up for a 'Throwback Thursday', and also spend a little time enjoying how much my skills have improved since I originally took these pics. :)

I started with Zoya Natalie, a soft rusty red creme:

Then I stamped with Sally Hansen Beige Blast and Bundle Monster Plate 312:

Elegant trellis :)

I think this is a pretty look for a wedding, a garden party, even just a soft work look without too much flash. And I apologize again for the cuticles!!!

Hugs and loves,


  1. (ugh, feedly & blogger are being all strange again and I only found this new post via bloglovin; that too weird, following bloggers via so many channels? I swear it's not just for giveaways :D)

    Anyway. This is lovely, not just the nails, but this idea to show some older, *maybe less proud of* work. It shows how you grow as a blogger & an artist. And it gives hope to us less accomplished nail painters. :D

    1. Not weird at all, lol! I follow bloggers I like on multiple platforms, to support their numbers. :)

      Thank you for the encouragement on this. I have a few more I think I'll share...they make me wince a little, but they have good aspects and are good idea fodder. :)


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