Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review: Winstonia third generation plates


I'm back with another new set of stamping plates--this time the Winstonia third generation plates. The set has 20 plates, with a sophisticated look and a variety of designs. Let's take a look at it, and I'll say more at the end.

First, here's the video I made for those who like chit-chat with their plates :) :

And here are the still images:

Winstonia W301: Deco patterns

Winstonia W302: Deco lines and swirls

Winstonia W303: Flowered fabric

Winstonia W304: Beachy whale

Winstonia W305: Geometric patterns

Winstonia W306: Sundial decadence

Winstonia W307: Stripes galore

Winstonia W308: Tribal images

Winstonia W309: Crazy quilt o' textured patterns

Winstonia W310: Flowered foursquare

Winstonia W311: Flourished foursquare

Winstonia W312: Beautiful brocades and damasks

Winstonia W313: Batik beauty

Winstonia W314: Waves 'n' wheat

Winstonia W315: Chunky patterns

Winstonia W316: Wonderful words

Winstonia W317: Circuit board across the board

Winstonia W318: Chintzy printsies

Winstonia W319: Vines and trellises

Winstonia W320: Kaleidoscope madness

To give you a general sense of size, here are two of the plates next to a standard Konad plate:

Winstonia W303 vs. Konad

Winstonia W312 vs. Konad

But how do they stamp?

Winstonia third-generation stamping test

They stamp well--the fine detail is preserved, and I love those crisp lines.

My overall impression of this set is excellent. I love a set that favors sophistication over cute (just my personal preference) and this one does; I also like that there are a variety of different images for a wide array of possible looks. The one down-side to this set the number of plates that have the harsh lines between designs; I prefer plates where the designs turn seamlessly from one to the next, but I realize that's hard to do well.

You can find this set on Amazon, and directly from Winstonia.

What do you think of the set? Any plates that are favorites?

Happy stamping!

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  1. I love the Asian designs in this set!

  2. Olá!
    São lindas! Uma mais linda que a outra!
    Sou apaixonada por carimbos, pena que aqui no Brasil não seja muito comum.
    Gosto muito do seu blog e sou sua seguidora.
    Caso queira visitar meu blog, segue o link.

    1. Muito obrigado! Bummer eles não têm muitas placas de onde você está ... eu vou dar uma olhada nisso. :)

  3. Such a nice stamping set! I like the variety of designs in here.

  4. Awesome review as always. I love listening to your descriptions and hearing your thoughts. One question I had was it seems like there is a lot of thicker images and I find those to be difficult for me personally to stamp. Maybe it's the polish I use but I tend to avoid them like the plague. Any thoughts on them? Have you tried them and if so what did you think?

    1. Thank you so much! :) What do you mean by 'thicker' images, can you tell me one of the plates you mean?

    2. Take 315 for example the upper left is what I call "thicker". I guess it's not the right term. Sorry LOL. Directly below that in the lower left is the type of plates or images I use the most because I get smearing a lot using the images where more is etched and they never turn out right no matter what polish I use.

  5. those plates are beautiful. never tried wistonia before

    1. They cost a teeny bit more than some other brands, but I've never had a problem with any of their plates. :)


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