Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review and Before & After: Games 01 and 02

(Nothing to disclose)


Finally, finally I get to show you MoYou Lonon Games 01 and 02! I got them a while back, but have had a bunch of stuff I had to show you first. But the time has come!

Here is my video showing the plate and the test:

And here are the still images of the two plates:

MoYou London Games Collection 01

MoYou London Games Collection 01

MoYou London Games Collection 01

MoYou London Games Collection 02

MoYou London Games Collection 02

MoYou London Games Collection 02

If you love chess, backgammon, checkers, any sort of card or dice game, this is an awesome set of plates. And while I do play chess, I love the chess images just because they're cool, not because of some sort of chess fixation. The joker would be great for Mardi Gras and stuff like that. And that jack, king and queen?? Beautiful for any sort of Renaissance style mani, romantic mani, or Alice In Wonderland style mani. Super fun.

Here is the size reference shot, so you can get a feel for how big the images are:

MoYou London Games Collection 01 vs. Konad

And the important question is: how do they stamp??

MoYou London Games Collection 01 and 02 stamping test

Look at the detail on that queen! Perfect and amazing--the only issues is a little smudging at the very edges, from me pressing down.

For my mani, my concept was to get a chess board sort of look with the chess-piece squares in black and white, so I started with a skittle base using Julep Cleopatra and Sally Hansen White On:

Skittle mani using Sally Hansen White On and Julep Cleopatra

Then I stamped using Konad White and Black; on my ring finger, I used the reversed stamping technique to paint the queen red before I applied the stamp to my nail:



This was my first attempt at the reversed stamping technique, and as you can see, I messed it up a little...It turns out, when  you put big old red dots on Konad black polish, it smudges if you're not careful. Go figure--lesson learned. You'll also note that there are some thin patches in the white stamping; this wasn't super noticeable in real life, but the lesson learned here was to make sure you scrape very lightly on these if you're putting a light color over a darker color--notice the black has no problem at all, because even if there were thinner areas, it didn't matter because it was over a lighter color.

Despite those flaws, I love the look. It has a very bold, stylized feel to it--I felt like I should be a character in a Tim Burton movie, and wanted some sort of awesome dress and cool hat to wear with it!

Happy Stamping!



  1. What a fun chess themed stamping plate!

  2. Wow - those plates are gorgeous! Love all the images. Your mani is wonderful, even with thin spots. To me, that's some very brave stamping! Thank you for sharing this all with us!

  3. Love the mani you did with this!


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