Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Sugar Bubbles SB 008 (aka, villain skittle!)

(Purchased with my own money; affiliate links)


I recently bought my very first ever Sugar Bubbles plates (not sure what took so long), and I'm gonna review 'em for you here today.

First, though, I want to do a customer service shout out to Beautometry.com. Long story short--they accidentally sent me the wrong plate, and when I let them know about it, they responded to my e-mail almost instantly, and sent me the right plate right away. I'm talking, in the morning mail kind of right away. Absolutely amazing customer service.

But back to the plates! Here is the video I made reviewing SB 008 and SB 08:

And here are the still images of SB 008:

Sugar Bubbles 008

Sugar Bubbles 008

Sugar Bubbles 008

And here's the plate with a Konad plate so you can judge the size of the individual images:

Sugar Bubbles 008 vs. Konad

So how does it stamp? Here's my stamping test; notice that while the Freddy Krueger image isn't very clear on the plate, you can see it clearly on my test:

However, stamping Freddy is a little more complicated than you might think...For my test manicure, I wanted to use Freddy as one of my 'villains' for the Nail Challenge Collaborative's 'Superheroes and villains' theme. I made a started with Zoya Anais on my ring finger, and Zoya Arianna on the rest. Then I stamped on my ring finger and pinkie with Barry M Silver Foil:

As you can see, Freddy doesn't show up nearly as well as it does in my stamping test above...so, when you use this stamp and stamps like this, you're going to get the best result stamping in a darker polish over a lighter surface. That will give you the right contrast you need to allow the face to show well.

But wait...it feels like there's something...missing...wait...what...BAM!

Take that! Nothing more awesome than a surprise blinged-out skull to round out that mani. :)

Yes, I love it. Love, love love! Hope you do, too. :)

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Happy stamping!


  1. What a great stamping plate if your into skulls!

  2. Freddy is so gruesome! This would be a perfect Halloween plate.

  3. Freddy looks like one of those pictures that are flipped polarity. But I love that red jelly polish you used!

  4. I would love this stamping plate for Halloween! It looks so freaking cool especially the Freddy image.

  5. Awesome! I'm getting my first ones soon - I'm pretty stoked!

  6. Love Freddy Krueger!!!! This is the perfect Halloween plate! Thanks so much for the review!

  7. Freddy! This is a kick ass plate!

  8. Ooh this plate is perfect for Halloween!

  9. My hubs would love these, he's always asking me to do skull nail art

  10. *shudders* nope, not for a sensitive soul like me.. :) But yes I can see why it appeals to you, naturally! :D
    Oh, and Arianna looks so pretty!

  11. Great idea for the stamping plate, I like it. I love your many, especially the blingbling ;)

    Xoxo, Nyx

  12. Beautometry is awesome! I have both of those plates (plus a bunch more Sugar Bubbles) & have been thrilled to be able to order so many plates that suit me. Kitties & skulls on mah nails, oh my! LOL I look forward to seeing what you do with them cuz I know it will be fabulous!


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