Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review: UberChic Beauty Nail Art Brushes

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When I tried UberChic Beauty's uber mat, I completely fell in love with the mat, and the brand. That love has grown as I've played with their awesome plates and there excellent stampers. So when I heard UberChic was putting out brushes...well, just sign me right up.

I made a video so you can see them in in motion:

There are four brushes, three for art, and one for clean up, and as I've come to expect from UberChic Beauty, they're not just great quality, but very attractive as well. Take a look:

nail art brushes uberchic beauty
UberChic Beauty nail brushes

In the ends, there are super cute gemstone-y things, and the caps have inset rhinestone butterflies:

UberChic Beauty nail brushes art
UberChic Beauty nail brushes--how cute are those caps!!

UberChic Beauty nail brushes art
UberChic Beauty nail brushes--love the gemstones

And yes, that's right, I said caps--beautiful bejeweled caps that keep your brushes safe from smashing, mushing, bashing, and particularly important in my case: the teeth of wee kitties and a not-so-wee puppy. As Robin Moses is my witness, I'll never go capless again! Okay, maybe just for a minute to show you all the awesome tips:

UberChic Beauty Brushes

Let's move on to the brush portion of the brushes. There are three art brushes that will make your freehand work easy and awesome, a striper, a liner, and a detail brush.

The striper will give you great control for bold, solid stripes:

UberChic Beauty striping brush

The outlining brush will help you create the defining lines of your freehand work:

UberChic Beauty liner brush

And the detail brush will let you draw smaller details, and will give you excellent precision when lead-lighting or doing reversed stamping:

UberChic Beauty detail brush

I did this entire poinsettia with this brush, and check how perfectly it gets into those eensy teensy areas:

This will get into those teeny tips for you!

The fourth brush is a clean-up brush, which I think is a must-have item whether you do nail art or not--even if all you do is paint your nails, this will help you get perfectly clean cuticles easy as pie. Take a look particularly at the fine beveled edge that allows you to get at your cuticles without damaging the polish you want to keep intact:

UberChic Beauty clean-up brush

UberChic Beauty clean-up brush

Check out how beautifully it gets on in there:

UberChic Beauty clean-up brush getting into that tight spot between the nail and the skin

The brush is broad enough that you aren't going over the same spot for hours, but thin enough at the tip that it slips into that almost non-existant space. Excellent control that goes exactly where I want it to go.

What more can I say? These brushes are excellent quality from tip to toe. They're balanced so they feel good in the hand; in fact, the weight reminds me of my fountain pen, which I selected because of the perfect weight. The control is excellent, clean-up is a breeze, the caps keep them looking awesome and working well, and on top of all of that, they're bejeweled and blinged.

*drops mic*

You can find these, along with other fun treasures, on the UberChic Beauty website. Your manicures will thank you!

Happy brushing,


  1. I just used my new clean up brush yesterday and it is amazing!! SOOOO much more precise then the brush I had or the pointy q-tips! Love it! I'll try a detain one now. Thanks for another awesome review!

    1. Yes yes yes!!! OMGosh I remember trying to use those pointy q-tips...*smh*

  2. These nail art brushes look so good! The packaging on them is wonderful and they seem to work extremely well.

    1. She leaves no box unchecked, that's for sure!

  3. Drops mic! You are so darn hilarious, no but really I can totally relate because these brushes are exactly what I NEED in my life. Like everything else that uber chic puts out I'm sure that the quality is superb.

    1. Hehehehe...:) Seriously, I'm so annoyed I was trying to clean up and fill in and everything with those other brushes for so long!! Grrrr....

  4. "Your manicures will thank you", heh, love it. But seriously, I'm loving that clean up brush (though I just stocked up on this one I found recently and been perfectly satisfied with, though it too is a make up brush (particularly, a lip liner, of all the things..)).
    Love your stampings, of course, but hope to see more of free hand art from you soon(ish).

    1. I could see a lip liner being good, depending on the brand, although I do like that this one is so broad it covers a lot of area at once. And yes, you're right, I need to do some freehand soon...=)


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