Friday, July 29, 2016

Before & After: Simple Roses (Zoya Dixie + UberChic Beauty 9-03)

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I got my files back!! I got my files back!! Woo-hooo!!!

Okay, Michelle, focus. Nail art. Nail art. ;-)

One of the things that drew me to nail stamping was the potential to make quick, easy, beautiful nail art. Yes, there is a learning curve as you figure out how to use the tools, although clear stampers have made it much easier to position accurately, etc. But once you have that down, you can make some really pretty looks without too much effort at all. So I want to make sure that now and then I show you 'simple' nail art: beautiful, but relatively quick and easy to do.

For today's manicure I started with a base of Zoya Dixie, a muted cherry-watermelon creme from the Zoya summer 2016 Sunsets collection:

Zoya Dixie
Zoya Dixie

Next I stamped using the cabbage rose (camelia?) image from UberChic Beauty 9-03 with Konad Black on my accent nails (this was before I discovered Messy Mansion Carbon, which is SO MUCH BETTER), and then with Sally Hansen Rapid Red for a subtle red-on-red look:

UberChic Beauty 9-03
UberChic Beauty 9-03

Here's how it turned out:

Simple Roses: Zoya Dixie + UberChic Beauty 9-03
Simple Roses: Zoya Dixie + UberChic Beauty 9-03

Simple Roses: Zoya Dixie + UberChic Beauty 9-03
Simple Roses: Zoya Dixie UberChic Beauty 9-03

What do you think? I love the subtle simplicity of this--so pretty, and you can do it in about 5-10 minutes. There's a pop of contrast, but the other nails have just that little bit of something. Of course you can also use the tone-on-tone stamping on all the nails, or the black-on-red on all the nails, or mix and match--but I think this is an elegant balance.

Happy stamping!


  1. So happy for you (that you recovered your files)! You were very lucky. This stamping is gorgeous! When I saw this on instagram on my phone I only saw the black and really liked it but that tone-on-tone with the black accent is stunning! Really an outstanding job!

  2. Yay for getting your files back!

    And yay for another really pretty floral mani! Looks simple and easy to do, yet really elegant.


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