Thursday, July 7, 2016

Review: Winstonia Color Me Vine plate

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I'm back with the second of the four Winstonia plates I'm reviewing, Color Me Vine. Here's the video that shows all three of the plates if you want to see them in motion:

And here's a closer look at Color Me Vine:

There are a couple of ways to use this plate. There are several full-nail images you can use on long-ish nails, and even more you can use if your nails are shorter. But, you can also pull designs that cross over the lined boundaries for a patchwork type of manicure. In fact, take a look at my test swatch to see how I accidentally took advantage of the boundary line for a French-tip look.

Since the areas are all different sizes, here's a shot to help you get a feel for how big different areas are:

And take a look at how this beauty stamps:

Crisp, clean, perfect lines--and check out that accidental French tip! I mean, um, I meant to do that! Yeah, yeah! Ahem.

Okay, time for the manicures! For the first look, I wanted to take advantage of the segmented patterns. I decided on a skittle look with bright summer colors:

From left to right, I have Zoya Dory stamped with Messy Mansion Spring Green, Zoya Ness stamped with Zoya Cam, Zoya Cam stamped with Messy Mansion Banana Bender, and Zoya Liv stamped with Zoya Dory. I love how the bright colors and fun patterns play with one another and how the patterns overlap from one nail to the next.

I did a second manicure to showcase one of the patterns:

For this one, from left to right, I have Literary Lacquers Salmon Chanted Evening, Liquid Lacquer Dirty Watermelon over Spellbound Nails Milky Way, Spellbound Nails Milky Way stamped with Messy Mansion Carbon, and, finally, Zoya Ness. I love how well these colors play together, but OMG, check out how perfect that image stamped! There is no hiding imperfect stamping when it's black on white, and that is as perfect as it gets.

You can buy this plate directly from the Winstonia store use the code MICH10 for 10% off your entire purchase.; it's also available on Amazon if that's easier for you. And don't forget to follow Winstonia on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy stamping,


  1. Such a fun stamping plate with all those designs on it.

  2. The second mani somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland...
    I am not sure why...

    1. I can see what you mean. I think maybe the bold colors + the geometrics + the vine pattern is like the cards or the mad tea party?

  3. I love the Love of Henna plate! Great video too!!

  4. I know this is a stamping post, but I'm obsessing over that Dirty Watermelon topper!!

  5. Some very pretty parts on the plate and love your mani's, especially the 2nd

  6. Gorgeous plate and art work! I can see myself making good use of this plate!

  7. I absolutely want this plate! Thanks for a great review!

  8. I love all the designs on that plate. Great review!


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