Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Zoya Kisses Pastel Jellies

(Press samples ahead!)


Is your new year off to a good start? Did you make any resolutions? I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions, because they're usually vague and hard to act on. But what I am a big believer in is setting out my yearly goals, along with an action plan for each, so I can go into the new year with a clear set of expectations and steps I'll be taking, broken down for the year. Part of the process for me is taking a look at which goals I accomplished successfully the year before, building on those, and figuring out what to do differently for the ones I didn't accomplish.

But, you're not here to talk about resolutions and goals! You're here for polish! So let's get to it. :)

Today we're going to take a look at Zoya's Kisses collection, a set of three pastel jellies designed to give your nails a kiss of color. They're also designed to work well with special effects toppers like Zoya Leia, and if you buy any of the polishes, you'll get a free bottle of Leia. So, in the pictures below, I'm going to show you what each polish looks like with two coats, three coats, and when combined with Leia.

First up, Zoya Libby, a blushing orchid jelly: 

Zoya Libby two coats
Zoya Libby three coats

Zoya Libby + Leia

Coverage: Just a blush of color with one coat, soft color with two coats, and full coverage with three coats.
Formula and application: Excellent

I was impressed with how evenly these polishes covered, even with just one coat. I do have serious ridge issues on my middle nail, and that was visible with one coat, so if you have the same issue, you may want to use two coats. Although my ridge is still a bit visible in the two-coat picture, it wasn't in real life when I wasn't staring at it right up close, lol.

As for the color--Libby is my favorite of the collection! It's feminine and floral with a touch of dustiness. This calls out 'spring' to me.

Next up is Zoya Princess, a bubble-gum pink jelly:

Zoya Princess two coats

Zoya Princess three coats

Zoya Princess + Leia

Coverage and application are the same here. As for color--this will satisfy all your Barbie dreams! And I adore how flirty it looks with Leia.

And finally, we have Zoya Vickie, a gray jelly with a hint of plum undertone:

Zoya Vickie two coats

Zoya Vickie three coats

Zoya Vickie + Leia

This is an extremely wearable gray, more like a soft dove than an overcast day, and the undertone in it looks like it was made specifically to work with Leia. I love how the purple-pink shimmer in Leia just shines! This is my favorite combination in the group--such a fun way to make a neutral jazzy.

If you like gentle washes of color, this is the collection for you, and I love how they all look very wintery when you use the topper, and very springy without. A fun transitional collection!

You can find these polishes all now in Zoya's store, or wherever else you buy your Zoyas. And don't forget to follow them around the interwebs here:

Happy polishing!
M. xoxo

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