Friday, June 22, 2018

Putting it to the test: Base It Off Latex Peel-Off Base coat from Lantern & Wren

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Here's a guilty little secret for you: I rarely bother with peel-off basecoats because I just don't get good results from them. Like, most of them don't work for me at all, no matter what I do.  Most recently I tried UNT and I it did work, and I like it okay, but it didn't blow my socks off.

Then I got to test out two peel-offs, and I can't find my socks.

Today I'm going to talk to you about the first, Base It Off, a latex-based peel-off basecoat from Lantern & Wren.

This is the first time I've tried a latex-based peel-off base coat before (if you're allergic to latex, of course you don't want to use this!), so I wasn't sure what to expect. In case you haven't before, either, I'll give all the deets, starting with the video review I did showing the base coat in action:

You apply this just like any other basecoat, and it feels just like applying a cuticle barrier. It applies white and then dries clear, so there's no ambiguity about when you're ready to move on to polish, which I appreciate.

  • Applies white, then dries clear
  • Fast dry time

With previous base coats, I've had a problem getting them to peel off. This was the easiest to peel off I've ever tried, by far--I had zero issues getting it to peel. And, just like with a cuticle barrier, it separated completely from what's under it, so you aren't going to get any damage to your nails whatsoever. It peeled off so easily, in fact, that I didn't have to worry about having problems getting it off--within about two days, three at most, the polish popped off by itself if I hadn't already removed it.

  • Easiest peel I've ever tried
  • Allows you to change your nail art in no time flat
  • Zero damage to nail 

Because it forms a barrier the way a cuticle barrier does and doesn't attach to the nail like a traditional base coat, there are a few things you need to know about using it effectively. First, leave a small gap between the base coat and your cuticle; that will give your polish something to hold on to so you won't get any peel-up. For the same reason, don't wrap our nail with the base coat. Also, I found that the more I submerged my nails in water, the more likely I was to have pop-off. 

  • Leave a small gap between the base coat and your cuticle
  • Don't wrap nail with base coat
  • This is waterproof, but submerging in water too much increases pop-off.

So what do I think overall? This is absolutely the easiest way I've found to remove glitter polish (or any polish), with the least damage to the nail. I highly recommend this if you want to wear your polish for 1-2 days--beyond that, the polish will likely pop-off on its own. If you're careful around water (if you wear gloves when you  wear dishes, that sort of thing), you may be able to get longer wear. 

You can find this in Lantern & Wren's store now. So grab it and get your glitter on, baby! 


Big hugs,
M. xoxo

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