Sunday, December 2, 2018

Lantern & Wren has launched a line of plates!

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Have you guys heard? Lantern & Wren has launched a line of plates! And I'm gonna show them to you today. :)

I did a live stream of the plates the night they released, but as often happens with live video, the resolution is not great. I'll be putting up a super-quick video for each plate but if you want to see what you can glean from the live version, you can check it out here.

Let's take a look! Her initial release was of six plates in a variety of themes that cover the whole year. I'll show you each plate, and then show you three swatches I did with the plate.

Let's start with Lantern & Wren All Things Spring, Carleigh's spring-themed plate:

Lantern & Wren All Things Spring

Flowers and rain and birdies and bees! Notice she has included some layering images to help you with do art that looks complicated but is really super easy. She packs the plates full so you get big bang for your buck.

In terms of quality, I found that all of the plates stamped easily and well, even with my clear stamper. All of the swatches I show here were done with my clear stamper. The only issue I had was for some of the busier images, when I cleaned the plate, fibers from my cotton pads would stick to the etching but that just happens with plates sometimes, and it's easy to get the fibers off by touching some scotch tape to the image.

Here are the swatches I did with this plate:

Next we have Lantern & Wren Dance To The Music:

Lantern & Wren Dance To The Music

Music, party, dance! Here are the swatches I did with this plate:

Next is Lantern & Wren Backgrounds:

Lantern & Wren Backgrounds

This plate will make great manis all of its own, but don't forget to layer these images with other images! For example, in my swatches below, image having beautiful flowers over the first one, bees crawling across the second one, and a little Alice falling down the black hole of the third:

Then we have Lantern & Wren Feline Like Spring:

Lantern & Wren Feline Like Spring

This plate is a clever mash-up of cats and spring images, including cats only, spring only, and combo images, like the one where the cats' tails swirl out into flowers. There's plenty here to use as your backgrounds for your cats, or to mix and match for skittle-type manis. Here are my swatches:

Next up is Lantern & Wren Finally Fall:

Lantern & Wren Finally Fall

This features fall images, with a few Halloween images thrown in for good measure (and in my opinion, it's always good measure, hehe!) Here are my swatches--I made sure to test out a couple of the layering images for you here:

And then last, but certainly not least, we have Lantern & Wren Girls Just Want To Have Sun:

Lantern & Wren Girls Just Want To Have Sun

This one preps you for tons of summer fun, from ice-cream to surfing. And don't forget about the awesome textures in that turtle...Here are my swatches:

All of these are available now in Lantern & Wren's store...and there maybe might just be a holiday-themed one there, too...

And for tons of inspiration, follow Lantern & Wren around the interwebs, here:

Big hugs,
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