Saturday, November 3, 2012

August Favorites


It's been a while since I've done a 'favorites' post; about three months, in fact. First school started, and then I got carried away with Halloween and the start of fall. I thought this would be a good time to pick back up with the 'favorites' post now that the Halloween challenges are over. This way the favorites posts also look back at artwork from a couple of months ago, rather than manicures that have been posted recently.

So on with my August favorites!

1) Peacock nails

This was my first attempt at doing Peacock nails, and I loved layering the polish, glitter, and stamping. It's not an every day manicure to be sure, but I really love it:

Peacock manicure
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2) Heart-Broken Fierce French Nails

I love this manicure for two reasons. The first is, it uses my very own franken creation, a red that I adore. It's deep, it's rich, and it has a hint of holo.  I also love the elegance of the lilies and the sweep of gold on the tips:

Heart-Broken Fierce French

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3) Saran-wrap nails

Ah, the start of my new favorite technique! It's so easy, but it give such beautiful results:

Saran-wrap daisies

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4) Tequila Sunrise

This manicure was the result of a challenge prompt that asked for a 'cocktails' manicure. I am very proud of this manicure both because it's one of my favorite gradients I've done, and because of the way the glequins make pretty little ice cubes:

Tequila Sunrise manicure

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5) Fall is in the air

And last but not least, back in August, I was very excited about the coming of fall, and couldn't wait to turn one of Orly's beautiful new fall colors into a fall manicure. The beauty of this manicure is in the pairing of the base polish and the glitter; my stamping is almost beside the point:

Fall Is In The Air manicure

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Thanks for taking a walk back in time with me!



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