Sunday, November 4, 2012

Before & After: Millenium FAILcon


In my Adventures In Stamping group, we have a weekly challenge that posts on Sundays. This week's prompt was to stamp over glitter. Something I've done a bunch of times.

In my 'about me' section, I mention that sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes I'm not. Today is a NOT.

Let me say a little bit about that for a minute. There have been some questions circling the nail blogosphere about the level of professionalism that should be posted in nail blogs. Should cuticles be perfect, manicures be streamlined, etc.? My position is that every blogger should do what they feel on this issue. My personal feeling is, I'm not perfect, far from it, and so my blog content will not be perfect. I try to present good pictures, clean manicures, and respectable cuticles. But sometimes my cuticles are raggedy, sometimes in my rush to capture a manicure I love, I forget to clean my cuticles well, and sometimes the idea in my head doesn't come out right on my nails. That's all a part of my journey, and that's what this blog is documenting. Other blogs have other purposes, and that's okay, too! But if you've ever had a great idea for a manicure and when you executed it, it looked like crap...well, you can come here and take solace i knowing that you're not alone, lol.

Enough about that--count yourself warned! This mani will not be pretty.

So, I started out with Misa Date Night To The Twilight as my base polish, which *is* pretty. However, the problems began when I tried to get a picture of her true color. It turned out that the only way I could do it was inside in my light box, holding a blue background sheet, in weird, inelegant poses; everything else came out far too blue. But, the color is accurate, which is good because this is a very pretty, subtly sparkly purple:

Misa Date Night To The Twilight
Misa Date Night To The Twilight

The rest of the pictures don't capture the color very accurately, and sort of throw everything off. But you get the idea from above, hopefully...>.>

For my next step, I put on a coat of Whimsical Ideas By Pam Once Upon A Time (INDIE ALERT!!), which was recently added to her line-up as a Halloween glitter. For a Halloween glitter, it's very subtle and nice; it's also beautiful for a spring glitter, or any other darn thing you want. It has pretty hexes in sage green and muted lilac, plus a spray of micro glitter. The colors are muted, but do show a bit more than you see here--the purple base overwhelmed them in the camera a bit:

DNTTT + Whimsical Ideas By Pam Once Upon A Time

DNTTT + Whimsical Ideas By Pam Once Upon A Time

There's nothing wrong with that step--it was a beautiful addition to the base color. And I should have stopped there. Sigh...But, it was a stamp-over-glitter theme, and I thought I had the perfect idea for it. In my head, it looked beautiful and perfect. Ah, the best laid plans...

It looked better in mah head...

Millenium FAILcon
I stamped over the design with a fauxnad plate I got from Anna's, using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. This was supposed to be a pretty Fierce French design, with the circles at the top going well with the hex glitter. It didnt' help that I messed up and blurred the stamping on the accent nail, but even if the stamping had been pristine, that wouldn't have saved it.

However, after looking at it for a bit, I decided it sort of looks like a spaceship (on each nail) flying through a sky filled with planets in stars. If they re-made Star Wars today, the front of the 2012 Millenium Falcon might look like this. Maybe. A little.

Ah well, I've done worse. Live and and learn.

Thanks for looking!



  1. OMG such a pretty combo of gliter and stamping ;)

  2. Wow, if all my fails were as "bad" as that; I'd be happy! I look at a lot of nail blogs, but yours is the only one I check daily as I love your writing style. :)

    1. Maybe this is just a case of it not matching up with what was in my head! If other people like it, I'm happy. And thanks for the compliment, that's a very sweet thing to say! I feel very honored. ::blush:: Hope to get to know you better!

  3. I think it looks great! There are certain purples that I can't get to photo correctly either. Some purples just don't like the camera! Once Upon A Time is perfect with this polish, beautiful! The stamp makes it look really cool! Fabulous! :)

    1. Thank you so much. :) You are so right about the purples...and it's so frustrating when there's one you really love and you want to do it justice. As for Once Upon A Time--that glitter is why Whimsical Ideas by Pam is one of my very favorite indies. It's so subtle and pretty. :)


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