Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Before & After: K is for Kiss


Today it's time for the next installment of Llama Nails alphabet challenge; we're up to 'K'. I know what you're thinking--wait, what do you mean you're not doing 'K is for Kitten'?? Hey, I can't go with the expected, I'm not gonna let expectations hold me down! That's just how I roll--if you zig left, I'm gonna zag right! HA!

Sorry, I got a little silly there. I'm better now.

Honestly, I had planned on doing 'kitten', but I did want to try something a bit different, and had been playing around with some new red polishes, so I decided to go with 'K is for Kiss'. :)

I started out with this base of China Glaze Igniting Love, from the Cirque Du Soleil collection:

China Glaze Igniting Love

I thought I'd play around with glitters on top of this a bit, so I put Jessica Glitterati on my ring finger and Jesica Hot Hot Hot on the other nails. These both look soooo pretty in the bottle, but I was a little disappointed with how they looked over this polish. So, I continued with just playing, and threw a coat of A Rhyming Dictionary Polish's Tolly-diggle (Indie alert!!!) over it--and the magic happened. Tolly-diggle is an amazingly unique polish consisting of gold and pewter-blue flakies: 


The bottom picture shows more accurately what this looks like to the naked eye, but it's hard to get the complexity of Tolly-diggle on camera. Add to that the red glitter peeking out on the main nails, and the metallic glitters poking out on the accent nail, and my camera nearly threw its hands up and quit on me, lol. The final picture below actually shows the overall layered glitter effect best.

When I saw this combination, I knew I had to do something cool with it, but I wasn't sure what. And then I and pretty metallic colors...perfect for a bunch of pouty smoochie kisses! Here is the final SWAK product:

Ack! Dog hair on mah nail!

In this bottom picture, despite the stamping, you can see the layered glitter effect better than in the pictures without the stamping. I think maybe because the stamping gives the camera something to latch on to? I don't know...but I'm glad that it came out and shows you the true effect, because I personally think this layering combination is really nice. :)

For the stamping, I used Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. For the accent nail, I used the new Red Angel plates...I'll review these soon after I do more testing with them. The other lips on the other nails are from Bundle Monster plate BM-02.

Thanks for taking a look! Please check out the other 'K' manicures, linked below. :)



  1. When people zig left, I tend to zig right as well. I am trying to do different manicures than everyone else in this challenge, and I think it is keeping it fun! Great choice for this week. :-D

    1. Hee hee hee...I agree. One of my favorite things about the challenge is seeing all of the different interpretations on the letter. :)


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