Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nail Art Contest: Empowering Women

Hello everyone!

I'm extremely excited today to announce that I, along with a friend and colleague of mine, am hosting a nail art contest!

The prize will be a $50 gift certificate to Llarowe:

Leah Ann, the owner of Llarowe and purveyor of fine hard-to-get polishes, has very kindly offered to sponsor the contest by donating the gift certificate prize in support of our cause. What's the cause, you ask?

The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness about Inspire Me 2 Aspire, a social media networking site that connects teen-aged girls with adult mentors:

I have been helping the creator of Inspire Me 2 Aspire (IM2A), Jenny Ellis, to get the program off the ground, and we are looking for women from all walks of life to be mentors for a chat event on International Women's Day (March 8th). For more information about this eventplease click here.

In light of that, the theme for the contest is 'Empowering Women'. This is a broad topic designed to give you freedom to express ideas about supporting other women, empowering them, helping them to achieve their dreams.

Here are the details about the contest:

  • To submit your entry, please upload it to the Lacquer Or Leave Her! (LOLH) Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • The manicure must include at least 4 fingers of one hand; you don't have to include the thumb in your entry, but we'd love it if you do!
  • Please include an explanation of why your manicure fits the theme. This may be especially important if you do a design that is more abstract than literal.
  • The deadline to submit your entry is noon on February 20, 2013. 
  • Since Jenny is not a nail blogger and doesn't follow nail art blogs (she doesn't even know who Scrangie is--OMG), she will be the unbiased judge who will pick the winner, along with two honorable mentions. Her decisions are final.
  • The contest is open to anyone who wants to enter; Llarowe ships internationally to most countries, however there are some exceptions, and it's up to you to make sure you can use the gift certificate should you win it; we can't make substitutions. 
  • Pictures submitted to the contest may be used by LOLH, IM2A, or Llarowe, with proper photo credit to you and/or your blog.
The nail art entries for the contest will be posted to the LOLH and IM2A Pinterest boards; they will also be featured on the IM2A site, in an article about the contest and event (we will post these as the come in). Finally, the winning entry will be featured on the cover of IM2A's Facebook page for a month! 

While it is absolutely not required in order for you to either enter or win the contest, we hope you will also take a moment to visit the IM2A site, and consider becoming a mentor. Please also spread the word to anyone else you know who might be interested--and remember, this isn't just for career women. It's for anyone who has overcome obstacles in their life, pursued a dream, or contributed to the world in a positive way from raising a child to volunteering for a cause, to, well, anything. We believe that every woman has something valuable to give back to the next generation--yes, that includes YOU. Click here to visit the site; if you scroll down to the bottom, there is an 'apply now' button.

I can't wait to see the nail art you all come up with! I know there is amazing talent out there, bring it!!

Thanks for reading, and a huge THANKS to Llarowe for generously providing the prize for the contest!!!!



  1. I can't wait to try this one out. I'm going to start thinking on what my mani should look like now. LOVE the theme!

  2. Great contest and good cause too. Although I always love a nice challenge/contest I am not sure if this is anything for me. Since I don't have a job and have an exreme fear of failure and bad things happened in the past, I do have my bachelor of Commerce but for the jobs I like I am to high educated and I don't want to be stuck in an office having a big leading position. Don't think I've overcome anything or pursuit a dream with success. So I am no inspiration for anyone, plus since English isn't my native language I am afraid that can cause a problem.

    But I hope many people sign up for IM2A and also hope many join your nail art contest, can't wait to see the entries.

    1. Hey Diana--don't worry, you don't have agree to be a mentor to enter the contest, it's completely okay if that isn't right for you. I do think you're being hard on yourself however! You certainly know something about successfully getting a degree and your English is great. However, I don't want to come across as pressuring you to do it--I completely respect if it isn't for you. I just wanted to point out that you have accomplished things, and you have much to be proud of!!! And that's not even mentioning your amazing nail art. :)

    2. You are too sweet :) maybe I will enter if I can get an idea.

  3. The only thing I can inspire people to aspire is to quit biting their Sicne I was a extrme biter and now have really strong long natural nails (although people often ask if they are fake lol :)) And no one ever thought that I could quit or grow such strong nails :)

    1. ROFL!! Seriously, you are too hard on yourself!! That said, quitting nail biting is no easy feat!! <3

  4. Do you know if teens themselves are eligible for the prize? I might participate anyway but a gift card is well-appreciated ;)

    1. Absolutely! The contest is completely separate, anyone can enter whether or not they are able to mentor; you don't have to do anything with IM2A to enter and win. We just hope people will check out the site. :) And if you or anyone know you is a teen who would like to participate in the International Women's Day chat event, to chat with a mentor, definitely let us know!

  5. Great contest:) I have a few ideas already ,can painting on false nails??? :)

    1. Ok i add my entry ^^ "We CAN do it!"

    2. Woo hoo! Our first entry!!!! Yaaaay!!

    3. Did you upload it to the Facebook page? Because I can't find it...

    4. Okay, I see, you sent it as a message...Can you upload it to the contest album, along with a description? I tried to do it for you, but the photo resolution ended up too small to be able to see your designs well! So please make sure the image is large enough so we can see the design. You rock!!


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