Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NOTD: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!


Today is officially Mardi Gras, so I have my second celebratory Mardi Gras manicure today. This one I made on purpose, lol! I set out to make it sparkly and glittery and gaudy in that awesome Mardi Gras way. Let's see if you think I pulled it off. :)

I started with a base coat of Milani Hi-Rez, one of Milani's very chunky, but still awesome, holographic polishes. It's a sort of a dark lilac shade which I thought would serve as a good backdrop for the rest. Next I did a quick saran-wrap pattern over it with China Glaze's Rare And Radiant, to give it a bit of iridescent green shine in spots. After that, I put on a coat of Hit Polish's Bourbon St., a fun glitter in Mardi Gras colors. And last but not least, I stamped swirls of beads being thrown through the air with Bundle Monster plate 224, using Butter London's British Racing Green and Manic Panic's Blood Thirsty:

This is a good shot to see the iridescent effect

Love that pretty glitter. :)

To show that it doesn't look so busy when you actually see it farther away. Not that I care if it's busy, lol!!

This angle gives a great shot of what Milani Hi-Rez looks like :)

Now I want to find a place to eat crawfish, dance to Zydeco, and wear some beads!! Who wants to join me?!?

Also, I just wanted to point out that this is basically the same design I used on my hot chocolate manicure (which you can see here for comparison purposes); although I did add some saran-wrap background here, it's otherwise the same technique with different colors. The two together show just how versatile a single stamp can be when you just vary it a bit, I think. I've never before been inspired by one design I was doing to do the same thing for another purpose, so I just had to share that part with you. :)

Here's hoping that your good times are a-rolling! If they aren't go make 'em roll!! :)



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