Sunday, April 14, 2013

Before & After: Flowers In The Shire


I'm writing this quickly because I want to get it posted in time for Stamping Sunday!!!

Today's theme is 'Spring Colors'. That suited me just fine because I have this amazing polish I just got that I've been dying to wear, so the timing was perfect. Remember a few days ago when I showed you Consulting Criminal by A Study In Polish? This is the other polish I bought at the same time, and even though this one is as different as can be, it's another beauty that I've fallen in love with.

I give you Springtime In The Shire, a soft meadow green with teeny magenta glitter, small light green and yellow-gold glitters, and medium magenta glitters. The whole thing has just a titch of magenta shimmer:

A Study In Polish Springtime In The Shire

A Study In Polish Springtime In The Shire

A Study In Polish Springtime In The Shire

I think the polish does just what it's supposed to--it looks like a lush spring meadow perfect for frolicking hobbits. I didn't want to mess it up, but I wanted to add something that would accentuate it gently; I chose to stamp with Julep Avery (a pink neon that came in my Julep box this month) and Konad plate m75. I also added little gold microbeads in the center of the large flowers:

Flowers in the Shire

Tip-toe...through the tulips, er, flowers...

I'm very pleased with how Avery stamped and have to try some more Julep polishes for stamping. And I like this balance of a few flowers that add to, but don't overwhelm, the pretty effect of the glitters. :)

Thanks for taking a look! Big hugs,


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