Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Drikk plate Drk-C


A little while ago I bought the third Drikk plate, Drk-C, and finally have a chance to show it to you! if you prefer to see the video of my review, you can find it by clicking on this link, or here:

Like the previous Drikk plates, these images are really big (btw, I will post my long-overdue size comparison of different image plates on Wednesday), so you don't have to worry about them covering your nails unless you have really long nails.

Let's take a little walk through the images...shall we? :)

I have to find some way to make that left image into a stained glass pattern...

Already used the one on the left...I'll link it below. :)

Pretty fans 

Love both of these, but the one on the right--love love love

Flags and flourishes...
I've already used the one on the left as you can see, lol--will link it below.

That left one is so fun!

The brick pattern is one of the main reasons I bought this plate.

The flounces are so amazing and the bamboo is so elegant. :)


Geometric...but not...

Love these streaky suns

Yep, another one I've used already, lol...link below.

And I couldn't resist using these dragons, either...

I so want to do something awesome with those birds...


Love that flower pattern. :)

More antique flourishes and fun hibiscus flowers :)


Yep...I've used those characters, lol
Really nicely detailed snake pattern and fun little elephants. :)

And here are a few tests for you, done with Konad Black special polish:

As you can see, except for the dog hair on the top image, crisp and clean and no problems! If you want to see the manicures I've done with these plates, you can find them by clicking these links:

Under The Sea manicure
Happy Chinese New Year manicure
Longing For Summer manicure
Travel manicure

Just like with the previous two Drikk plates, the quality of these images is top-notch. Extremely well etched, and easy as can be to use. I can't recommend these plates highly enough. :)

You can find the Drikk plates at Ninja Polish by clicking here. At the time of this posting, they sell for $23.50. You can also buy an extra-large stamping set there, and of course they sell a ton of gorgeous polishes (some of which you can stamp with and some not).

Thanks for looking! Big hugs. :)

(I purchased this plate with my own money. I am not an affiliate of Drikk or Ninja Polish.)


  1. Such a cool set! I constantly get dog hair in my manis. I never know if I hour pick them out and ruin my nails or just topcoat over it :oP

    1. I know, right? With 4 cats and a dog, the questions isn't IF I'll have a hair in my mani, it's where and how do I catch it soon enough, lol! :)

  2. Love this! I have a new obsession with stamping plates :)

    1. Happy to have enabled you...bwah hah hahhhhhh....>;)

  3. i saw the travel one and i was like i remember where she used this!!! lol they look great

  4. I love this and it's going on my wish list right now. I saw sooo many patterns that I know I would use a lot. I love the dragons, the asian characters, the groovy flowers, the geometric swirls, the art deco swirls, etc. I love stamping and I'm starting to get the hang of it.

    1. Practice was the key for me, but I'm sure you're great. I wanna see what you do!!!

  5. I just ordered all three big DRK-Plates :) Hope they arrive soon (I'm in germany, so it will be a while of waiting :/ )


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