Sunday, April 28, 2013

Polished Pairings: Zoya Clara


Today is my last 'pastel' post for my Nail Challenge Collaborative group. I decided to finish it off with a polished pairing--a pairing-up of a beautiful polish and a beautiful topper that hopefully will create a beautiful manicure. :)

I started off with Zoya Clara, which is a soft, pretty peachy coral shimmer:

Zoya Clara

Zoya Clara

I love the soft, feminine shimmer flash to this polish, and you know I love my peachy corals. :)

For my pairing, I chose Seche Collage Overlay. I got this on red-tag sale at Sally's, and figured, I love their topcoat so much, why not give their glitter a try?

I also decided to do an accent stamp on this pairing, and I forgot to take a picture before I did it, but I think you'll be able to get a feel for what it looked like without the stamp. I used Barry M Silver Foil and Pueen plate Pueen 11 (stay tuned for my review of these plates, which will post tomorrow):

Seche Collage Overlay over Zoya Clara

Seche Collage Overlay over Zoya Clara

Seche Collage Overlay over Zoya Clara

I really love the way the stamp works with the glitter! It almost looks like the bar glitter just happened to come together in some cool patterns. I also like the glitter--I know, I may be in the minority because of the bar glitter--and I think it's very versatile. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed it! Please check out the other pastel manicures linked below. :)

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  1. Are these the Love elements Pueen plates?? I just ordered the second set and cannot wait to try them out!!

    1. No, I didn't get that set, I'm still deciding on it. I don't really like hearts as design elements too much, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get enough use out of it...Plus I just bought some cheeky jumbo plates, so my budget is done for this month (and much of next!).


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