Friday, April 19, 2013

Swap: Brazilian Babies!!


Guess what guess what guess what!! I got the very bestest kind of nail mail the other day--a swap from my friend Janaina in Brazil!

Ages ago we decided to do a themed swap based on the current season...The idea was that we'd put together a three-photo mosaic representing what we love about the season to guide the other person in the swap, and we'd exchange some polishes and one non-polish item. Initially that was going to be a fall/spring swap (fall in my half of the world, spring in hers). But then my world got a bit complicated, what with dogs showing up and my house getting foreclosed on. So I dropped the ball a bit, and the swap had to shift to a winter/summer swap, and even then only got completed after the target seasons were over.

However, that doesn't change how much fun it was, or how awesome Janaina's package was. :)

Here is the photo collage I put together to show what I love about Winter:

And here is a group shot of the polishes Janaina picked based on this:

From left to right, these polishes are:

Risque Niasi Azulcrination, a shimmery jelly
Colorama Mesquita Azul, a very deep ink blue crelly
Risque Niasi Cobertura Encantada, an orange and yellow flakie (eeeeeee!!!!)
Impala Na Mira 3D, a gorgeous silver/charcoal/rainbow amazing holo
Realce Cobra Verde, a shimmery forest green jelly
Risque Niasi Maca Do Amor, a shimmery blood red jelly

And in the below picture, you can see the extra non-polish item she sent--a hand-made manicure towel, cross-stitched with my name:

Every time I look at this, I'm just speechless. I also cross-stitch, so I know how much work it is, and this is incredibly special. All I can say This will never go anywhere near nail polish, no way no how. But I will use it for routine-care manicures where I know none of the substances can ruin it, lol.

Here are some individual bottle shots, and for each one, I'll share Janaina's explanation of why she picked each polish, based on the photo collage. First, Colorama Mesquita Azul and Risque Niasi Azulcrination:

Colorama Mesquita Azul

Risque Niasi Azulcrination

Janaina said "Azulcrination and Mesquita Azul are in this pack to represent the deep blue sky you showed in your mosaic. In my opinion, Mesquita Azul (Blue Mosque) is the most beautiful and will really stand up on your nails."

I happen to be wearing Mesquita Azul right now, and I couldn't agree more. It's a deep inky blue that's almost black, and looks like an infinite starless night sky. :)

Next is Realce Cobra Verde:

Realce Cobra Verde

"Cobra Verde (green snake) is representing Charlie Brown's X-mas Tree. Heh heh!"

In the bottle, this looks like a tealish green, but on the nail, it is a stunningly perfect Christmas-tree green shimmering jelly. Sublime!

Next, Risque Niasi Maca Do Amor:

Risque Niasi Maca Do Amor

"Maca Do Amor (toffee apple) Is here to bring you some warmth". I also think this is the perfect representation of the warm tones in the place setting in the mosaic, and of course, it's red, so yeah. 'Nuff said.

Finally, my two favorites...(I can't stop squealing when I look at these), Impala Na Mira 3D and Risque Niasi Coberatura Encantada: 

Impala Na Mira 3D

Omgomgomgomg. There are not words.

Risque Niasi Cobertura Encantada

"Na Mira 3D (on the target/aim) and Cobertura Encantada (charmed coat) are bringing you some light, both from stars and the candles we have during the festive times."

I couldn't have picked two better polishes to represent the lights in the collage--Cobertura Encantada practically jumps directly out from the candle light in the one picture, while Na Mira 3D captures the magic of the Christmas lights against the peaceful night background in the other picture.

Not only am I incredibly impressed at how well her choices matched up with my pictures--my choices for her mosaic were much more fluid and intuitive, not nearly as on-spot as her choices were--I am amazed at how perfect her choices were for my collection. I have several flakies, but none of them are orange/yellow, and I've been wanting one. And of course I have a number of holos, but Na Mira 3D is not only not like any I have, it's not like any I've even seen before. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, and I'm darn glad to own it.

While those were my definite two favorites, I assure you that the other follow closely behind. Beautiful jewel tones are my absolute favorites, and I have nothing like these with finishes like this. I continue to be amazed at how beautiful Brazilian polishes are. Sigh...:)

I'll be showing swatches of these polishes over the next few days/weeks; I couldn't wait to show the awesome swap asap, though. :) And I had to post a thank-you to Janaina for sending me such an awesome, touching package! Girl, you ROCK ROCK SUPERROCK from start to finish. :)

Thanks everyone for looking!

Big Hugs,


  1. I just love to read "omgomgomgomgomg". Lol. I can totally picture you, running in circles in the middle of your living room, holding the bottles of nail polish, with the silliest of the smiles. Pretty much just like me when I get your packages. LMAO, =P
    I didn't know you cross stitched too! Now that's a coincidence! I know that's not the the goal of this blog, but, whenever you run of ideas on what to post (although I can remember the last time it happened!), feel free to post some of your works. I know I'd love to see some of them.
    So glad to see this post! Thanks for playing again!

    1. That's pretty much what happened, lol! I did a holo happy dance at one point, no joke, lol.

      I'll send you some pics of the pieces I've done. I had to give it up for a time (still hoping to take it back up again) because of some problems with tendons in my arms. :(

  2. That black with that holo in it is making me drool! So beautiful!

    1. I just swatched it over the blue's actually just pure holo glitter in a base that has a lilac-to-mint-green shift. It's flippin' gorgeous...Dare I say maybe even awesomesauce?? I'll so the swatches asap. :)

  3. These nail polishes are all so pretty especially the Maca Do Amor. I usually love red shades for I find them classy and sexy on nails.

    1. I agree completely...I adore deep, pretty reds. :)


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