Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review: My picks from the Color Club Fiesta collection


This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I have caught a tushie-kicker of a cold, and I fell asleep about 3 hours earlier than normal yesterday. So the pictures posted before I got a chance to write about them! Anyway, now I'm fleshing it all out and posting it and hopefully I can get things back on track. :)

Color Club has released a summer collection, their Fiesta collection, and I found the colors to have just enough of a different and interesting twist to want to buy most of the collection. Luckily it's a small collection, so I was able to indulge. The collection calls to mind the vibrant, happy hues of a  Mexican cantina full of happy people partying the night away. Here are my swatches and my review of the collection.

Oh...I injured my pinkie right as I was doing these swatches, so I apologize for the wound. If that type of thing bothers you, only look at the other fingers. :)

Sunrise Canyon is a bright summer yellow creme with a funky green undertone to it that I love. It's richly pigmented and just 'off' enough from a typical yellow to make it intriguing. Not sure I can claim it looks good with  my skin tone, but I also can't claim that I care!

Color Club Sunrise Canyon, direct sun

Color Club Sunrise Canyon, indirect sun

This, like all of the rest of the pretties, is two coats followed by topcoat. Also, there was nothing notable about the formula--they all went on with no fuss or muss. :)

Next up is Mambo, a HOT tomato-red creme that makes me want to find an excuse to go salsa dancing, and every time I see the name, I hear the sequence from West Side Story and see Rita Moreno dancing (Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here):

Color Club Mambo, indirect sun

Color Club Mambo, direct sun

I am admittedly a red love. But hoo-babieeeee, this is a hot, hot, hot, gorgeous, smoldering red. Not too dark. Not too bright. Just---RED. Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh.

If I can pull myself away from Mambo a minute...I'll show you Wild Cactus. This is fun, summery teal creme that is utterly ruined by my horrible cuticle in these pictures. By the time I was able to swatch this one, the cut above my pinkie was starting to heal, but the move had really started to destroy the cuticles. I apologize in advance for this, but the color is so pretty I couldn't bear to leave it out; I'll swatch it again as soon as I can:

Color Club Wild Cactus, indirect sun

Color club Wild Cactus, indirect sun

Most of my teals tend to be on the darker side, or the more blue-heavy side, so I was happy to see this. If you're in the mood for a teal creme, check this one out.

And finally, we have Endless Summer, a cyan blue with a rubber-style matte finish (luckily swatched on my good hand when my cuticles were reasonable):

Color Club Endless Summer, indirect light

Color Club Endless Summer, artificial light

Color Club Endless Summer, indirect sunlight

I photographed this one with no topcoat to show you the finish. I am completely falling in love with these rubber finishes--I like mattes okay, but the rubber-type mattes just look so smooth and fun! The color on this also lived up to my expectations, and is a bright, fun, party-all-night sort of blue.

Overall, I think this is a really fun approach to a summer collection, and I love it! I hope Color Club does more like this, unified around a particular cultural vibe. Awesome, and for the price (you can normally find Color Clubs for around $3 each), not to be missed!

Thanks for taking a look. :) Hugs and love,

(The polishes in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. I really like the Wild Cactus color! Perfect for the season! :)

    1. It's one of my favorite teals I've ever seen. GMTA! :)

  2. Endless Summer is such a cool colour. I do like those matte rubber finishes. :)

    1. See, I thought it was just my rubber fetish. Wait, did I share too much?? (just kidding!!!)


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