Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Winstonia plates


Today I have another new set of plates to show you, the new first-generation Winstonia plates. I went back and forth on buying this set because there was a lot of overlap with other things I already own, but there was enough new that I decided I needed to own them. Hee hee...

Of course, as usual, I made a video of the plates if you prefer to see them that way:

This set is organized roughly into different themes on each plate:

W101. Animal prints; They're just enough different from most to be interesting. :)

W102. Ah, love...At first I wasn't sure why the tree was there, but I see there are love birds in it!

W103. Sports!

W104. Earth day, with some pretty garden images

W105. Happy spring holidays--Easter, St. Patrick's Day

W106. On da beach

W107. Summer time--BBQs and 4th of July, but if you aren't American they've separated out the stars and stripes so they can be used for other things. :)

W108. I love the 'drip' image--at least that's what I've decided it is. :)

W109. Retro madness! Holler if you remember that gameboy, lol!

W110. Garden elements

W111 Bold and beautiful. :)

W112 Ninja stars and Pac-man mazes

W114. Travel the world

W115. Adorable little animals. Hippos FTW!

W116. Halloween. Skeleton spring-guy is the cutest skeleton ever! Except for Geoff Peterson.

W117. Fantasy-happy-fun-day?

W118 Fruit salad, anyone?

W119. Fall, Thanksgiving. You can do a before-and-after with the turkey...>.<

W120. Winter, Christmas, with a jaunty snowdude. :)

Here is how the plates compare with a standard Konad plate:

Winstonia Vs. Konad

The images are a titch wider and longer, but not by much--they're essentially the same size as Konad, so if those work for you, so will these. Also as you can see, the engraving is of similar quality.

So how do they stamp? I've used the images several times in manicures, which you can find linked below:

Plate W117:

Plate W114:

I've done a couple other manicures with these plates which are coming up soon on the blog--every time I've used these, the images stamp cleanly and easily, no problems at all. :)

Overall, I found these plates to be good quality, with a nice assortment of images. If you're just getting into stamping, it's a good set to have for one of your first starter sets, because it gives you a wide set of themes to work with that will cover many different occasions. I bought mine through Amazon, and they were $14.95 when I bought them.

Thanks for taking a look! Hope this helped you decide if this set is for you. :)

Hugs and love,


  1. Love these, I just ordered another set called Preen I think, anyway I just posted a blog about them today if you want to check it out.

  2. Nice plates! There are some cute designs on them too :)

    1. I agree! My favorite is the travel it. :)

  3. I got these recently and love the Winstonia plates! So far all the designs stamp well and they are clear and sharp with lots of detail. I haven't used them all though. There is a good mix of both smaller images as well as full nail designs. I wish I had kept the box they came in though for storage as they are mixed with my Konad plates and nearly the same size.

  4. The little barbecue grills on the W107 are beyond cute, love it!

  5. I love all !! I'd like to buy these but do not know if it is easy to buy on amazon from

    1. Hmmm...that's a good question, I'm not sure. If you find out can you let me know?


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