Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Cheeky Jumbo Plate 1, Viva Mexico!

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Today I have the first part of a 10-part review for you, Cheeky plate #1, Viva Mexico! As you probably know, Cheeky just released a set of 10 new jumbo stamping plates, which you can buy separately, or in groups. The best deal (when I purchased them, anyway) was the bundle that had all 10 together. I took a look at which ones I knew for certain I wanted, and did the math--I basically got the ones I wasn't sure about for free, and I'm glad I did, because when I got them in my grubby little paws, there were more images I fell in love with than I expected.

Since there really isn't any way to review all of these together--that would be just too many images and too much sensory overload--I'm going to show them to you one by one over the next two weeks (or as soon as I humanly can--my flu has made it hard for me to tape, since my voice has been pretty messed up).

I'm going to start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (thank you, Maria Von Trapp) with Jumbo Plate 1, which was one of the ones I knew I wanted to moment I set eyes on it. It's called 'Viva Mexico', and it's filled with gorgeous Mayan images, among other fun things. Here is the video review, if you prefer to see things that way:

But first, a few things about these plates in general. All of them except one have the same format; about 1/3 of the plate is small, single images, and about 2/3 is overall images. These all revolve around a theme, different for each plate, and the images coordinate with one another. That is, usually there are several of the small images that are repeated in one way or another on the overall images, which makes for lots of fun, versatile combination possibilities. Oh, but that's not all...there are also some small images that coordinate with overall images on different plates, which gives added value to having several or all of the plates. Tricksey they are, those designers!

So on with the images! Here they are ...I overlapped some of the images across pictures; there are no duplicate images on the plate:

So many rockin' skulls on this plate...

Build your own Mariachi band

I adore the little Folklorico dancer. :)

Check out these amazing tribal images on the bottom

One of my favorites is the one bottom left :)


Can someone please tell me what that bottom middle image is?

The one on the bottom right looks like a DNA helix to me, flattened out

Anyone else hear the 'Tequila!' song in their head?

Dia De Los Muertos images!

Another Dia De Los Muertos!

My favorite here is the one on the upper right

And finally, here is a comparison with a standard Konad plate, for size purposes:

As you can see, the images are a bit larger than the Konad images; if you have any of the other Cheeky Jumbo plates from the alphabet series, these images are the same size as those are.

What about quality? These days it seems like all of the major stamping-plate manufacturers have gotten the hang of making good quality images that are well engraved. These are no exception; they stamp easily and well, from the blocky images to the fine-lined images. I have a stamping test in my video if you want to see for yourself. :)

I bought my plates on Amazon, and the price varies depending on whether you buy them in a bundle or individually; the individual price at the time of this write-up is $9.49. Even at the individual price, that's phenomenal compared to what some of the other jumbo plates on the markets cost each, usually between $20-25.

Thanks for reading--I hope this was helpful for you! Stay tuned for Jumbo plate 2, coming soon. :)

Peace and love,


  1. This is exciting! I've ordered mine (all 10!) just waiting for them to arrive! In the meantime I'll be checking out your posts and picturing all the stamping I'll be doing!

    1. I think you'll have them before I am able to get them all up! When the flu took my voice, that put a bit of a kink in my timing, lol. :)

  2. I love all of the full size images. I don't know what that one is though, a boomerang? With brass knuckles attached? No clue. I don't stamp much, but I think I need these, they are just too cool!

    1. ROFL!!! A boomerang with brass knuckles attached! I don't care if that's what it is or not, I'm doing a manicure of that!

    2. Tell me when you do it, because I gotta see that!

    3. Oh, I have a feeling it won't be fit for public consumption, and will have to be shared in the Lacqueristas, lol!

  3. Replies
    1. OMG, wait til you see 'top of the class'! It's toooo cute. :)

  4. I love all the tribal patterns on this plate! Unfortunately, I have small, narrow nails that cannot accommodate these larger images :(

    1. Not true! What you do is use part of the image. Just place it strategically to get the part of the design you want. The LeaLac plates, for example, are bigger than any human's nails, lol, so you have to select which part you want to use. So you can do it!! :)

  5. Don't know what is the image you asked, maybe a taco without filling XD

    The "DNA" is the shadow of the serpent that is visible on equinocces in Chichen Itza

    It`s a really beautiful plate, I was thinking of buying a fake that has some of the desings but I think I'll go for the original

    1. Ah, thank you!! Someday hopefully I'll get to see it in real life. :)


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