Sunday, September 8, 2013

Before & After: Lush Sugared Diamonds

(Some products in this post were provided for review.)


This month's theme in my Nail Challenge Collaborative is 'Technique'. This is a pretty broad way that can be interpreted any way you like, so for today, I'll be showing you a manicure that used a combination of techniques. It started off when I was playing around with InDecisive Lacquer's Sugar. This is not meant as a topcoat, it's a scattered gray holo meant to be worn on it's own--but I had to play with it and see what I could do with it. I liked the effect over InDecisive's Lush, so I decided to do a type of skittle mani with it. Here is what it looked like before I decorated it:

InDecisive Lacquers Sugar over Lush

Look at that sparkle...

Next I stamped on the Sugar nails with Lush, and on the Lush nails with Nfu-Oh 61:

And then finally I added in some silver diamond glequins:

I learned a couple of things doing this manicure...The main thing is to pick diamonds that are uniform in shape, otherwise you're gonna have issues and the whole thing is going to look sloppy-- even when you're going for sloppy bohemian, there is such a thing as TOO sloppy, it turns out.  Second...the side diamonds on my pinkie were a little too long and ended up being more like wings, lol.

Nonetheless, I like the look and the polishes are certainly gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

(Some products in this post were provided for review.)


  1. Very elegant :) The diamond glequins are a nice touch!

  2. I like this. I love green and holo and stamping so this has everything I love. Even glitter/sequins. I may try this and fill in the diamond shapes with a glitter polish instead of using the diamond sequins.

  3. Ooo, that would be gorgeous, and you wouldn't have the sizing issues I had, lol!!

  4. Beautiful! This design matches one of my belly dancing outfits perfectly! Where did you get the diamond glequins? I would love to try this mani for the drumming festival coming up, it's perfect!

    1. Oh how cool! Belly dancing rocks!! I bought the glequins from Born Pretty Store. I can't find the exact one I got originally, but here is a two-pack with silver and gold:

      And if you need it, here is a code for 10% off your order: MCL91 :)


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