Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Leesha's Lacquer Halloween Collection

(The products in this post were provided for my honest review.)

Are you ready for some Halloween collections??!!

That's right, it's that time of year again...time for spookiness, scariness, silliness--and lots of orange, green, purple and black. :)

Today I have two polishes from Leesha's Lacquer's new Halloween collection, which releases tomorrow. :) But first, I have to show you the absolutely adorable goodie bag that she sent with the press samples:

Leesha's Lacquer goodie bag!

How cute is that?? Stickers, candy, an adorable Frankenstein bag, and a hand-written note in the shape of a bat. I think my favorite is the gravestone lollipop, and I don't think I'm going to be able to bring myself to eat it, I just want to look at it 'cause it's so awesome! This shows the love and attention that Leesha gives to her customers and her business. They say God is in the details--in this case, yummies are in the details, lol! :)

I know, I know, I know...get to the polish, woman!

Okay, fine. The first of the two she sent me is Monster Mash, a grape-purple jelly filled with black squares and lime green hexes. First I wanted to see what it would look like by itself, with no undies, to be sure it would build on its own:

Leesha's Lacquer Monster Mash, 3 generous coats, artificial light

I love the colors she chose for this polish--beautiful, strong contrast that pulls in my eye and makes it smile. :) This polish built to squishy jelly gorgeousness in 3 coats, applied generously; the formula was amazing, and this went on with absolutely no struggle at all. I didn't have to dab or fuss, just stroke on like any non-glitter polish. One of the aspects of this polish that I really enjoy is that when the polish is layered like this, the lowest layers of lime glitters take on a yellow-orange color that makes it more complex, and adds another Halloween color.

But, I'm a bit stingy with my specialty polishes, so I wanted to see if it would look equally good with some undies; here is one coat of Monster Mash over two coats of Zoya Keiko, a grape creme:

Leesha's Lacquer Monster Mash over Zoya Keiko, one coat, artificial light

I love this even more, and I wasn't sure that was possible. The undies allows the polish to still keep a little bit of the color change, but makes the glitters pop just as much, if not more. Again I just brushed on, didn't dab, so if you want a denser look, you can certainly go that route. I absolutely adore this--it's one of my all-time favorite Halloween polishes.

Next up is Cinnamon Sparkle, which is a mighty melange of orange hexes and black squares and hexes; cannonical Halloween colors in a clear base, perfect for all of your halloween glitter-topper needs:

Leesha's Lacquer Cinnamon Sparkle, three dabbed coats, artificial llight

These first pictures show three dabbed-on coats of the polish on its own, with no undies--the polish is so jam-packed with glitter I wanted to see if you can wear it on its own. I didn't have any problems with application, and it was really easy to get full coverage. The bottom picture looks like there are two pieces of blue glitter in there, but there are not--if you look at the above pics, you can see it's just a trick of the light. And the light was tricky!! There was so much sparkle on these nails that my camera wasn't quite sure what to do with them, lol.

As you know, I'm not normally a complete-glitter-coat sort of girl, so I also wanted to see what this would look like over undies. To keep a sexy pumpkin sort of look, I put it over two coats of Zoya Thandie, a pretty orange creme:

Leesha's Lacquer Cinnamon Sparkle, one coat, artificial light

In this case, I used one coat that was partially brushed and partially dabbed onto the nail. As you can see, the nails are still awash in glittery goodness, and will catch the light and they eye at all of your Halloween gatherings. I like that this glitter contains squares rather than just the typical hexes, and when it's on the nail over undies like this, I think that variation in shapes shows even more and gives a bit more fun to the polish. And, btw, how gorgeous would this look with brown undies, for a general fall look? I'll definitely be trying that out. :)

In addition to these two, her Halloween collection also features Freaky With Franky, a purple, green, and silver glitter topper, and Trick Or Treat, a topper with black, white, and orange glitters. All of these are fun, whimsical Halloween polishes, and I think any lover of the holiday will be delighted by them!

The Halloween collection will be available for sale tomorrow 1 October 2013. Leesha also has an array of other polishes; all go for $7.00 for full-sized bottles. She also does grab bags for bargain lovers! You can find her store by clicking here. And of course her polishes are three-free, and never tested on animals.

Thanks for taking a look, and happy shopping!

(The products in this post were provided for my honest review.)


  1. What a cool little package and the polishes are great colours for autumn/halloween!

    1. It was like trick-or-treating as a child, except better, 'cause there was polish!

  2. Ha, look at you all excited about Halloween :)

    And I just love Monster Mash over Zoya Keiko!

    1. I am I am, I must admit! I had to teach on Halloween night last year, so didn't get to hand out candy. I normally do some sort of haunt I feel like it's been two years, really. :)


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