Monday, September 30, 2013

Before & After: Orange Feather

(All products purchased with my own money.)

Hey there!

I have a ton of stuff I'm trying to put out on the blog in the next couple of weeks, and I'm extremely excited about the start of the Halloween season...I may regret it, but I'm going to do two Halloween challenges again this year. :)

But before I do, I've been in the mood for today I have a very fall manicure to share with you. I've had it in the queue for a while, and I want to get it out before I go all crazy into the Halloween stuff. :)

I started out with A'dor Unseelie, a glowing greyish-brown polish with a green-gold shimmer that borders on a metallic; I accidentally deleted my swatches day-of, so here is an older one to show you the base color:

A'dor Unseelie, two coats, direct sunlight

I wanted to turn this into a duochrome, so I added a coat of Enchanted Polish Special Sauce. I did this back when my cuticles were in bad shape, so please forgive me that...:

Enchanted Polish Special Sauce over A'dor Unseelie

And finally, I did a simple feather stamp with Kleancolor Metallic Orange:

I hate that the logistics of this post were such a disaster, because I love this manicure so much! I love the deep fall colors, and the way the stamping enhances the Special Sauce; it almost seems subtle against that hauntingly rich duochrome. Definitely an attention-catcher, in a good way. If you love fall colors and Special Sauce hasn't made it onto your lemming list yet, I highly recommend it. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Big hugs,

(All products purchased with my own money.)


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  2. Hi!!! such a pretty duo-chrome! Its so good to be back after all this while and i knew i had to come see what you've been upto! :)

    1. Good to see you again! Hope to see you around a lot! I hope everything is okay!!


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