Saturday, May 24, 2014

NOTD: Urban Skittle (with BPS nail wraps and Impulse Cosmetics Eat My Shorts)


Today I have a NOTD for you, which is a combination of two things I found that I love:



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While shopping at one of my favorite spots for lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics, I found an awesome glitter topper--Eat My Shorts (purchased with my own money). I used it for the accent nail, over a base of black polish. The topper also has black glitter in it, but that's hard to see because of the undie I chose. The topper applied well, and I adore the combination of colors. She has some other interesting combos too, so check her out.

The second I saw this, I knew it would be perfect to go with these nail wraps, which I received for review from Born Pretty Store. Here they are in the package:

Born Pretty Store Nail Wraps K1017

This was my first time trying nail wraps from Born Pretty Store, and there are both pluses and minuses to them. At $1.99, they are very affordable. They're pretty, they adhere well, and they wear well. They aren't as easy to apply as some other brands, however; you can see on my index finger that they wrap didn't stretch as much as I was used to, and it split. Because of the nature of the manicure, that didn't bother me too much--an urban graffiti feel goes with the split. For another manicure, I would have redone the nail. So, use a little more care than you're used to with these, because they do tear more easily. Also, there is a smaller range of sizes than I've seen in other brands; if you have small nails, you'll need to cut them down, and if you have larger nils, you'll probably be set.

The magic question is, does the price differential make up for the other differences? That depends on your priorities and what you're using it for. If you're looking for something fun and funky, or for nail art purposes, definitely. If you're looking for something to take with you while you're traveling or for a last minute time-saver, you'll want to factor in the extra time you'll need to cut down the wraps and to apply them more carefully.

As always, here is the discount code for all of my readers:

Hope you like it, and hope you're off to a great start on your holiday weekend!


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