Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Keeping Incoco Nail Appliques for nail art

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Over the past year, I've been playing around with nail wraps, and falling in love with them. The main reason I'd hesitated about using them before was that I was worried about getting my money's worth--I'm a bit of a penny pincher. Some nail wraps, like Incoco nail appliques, warn you that because they're made of real polish, once you open the appliques, they will dry out quickly. That's good to know--if you come back a week or so later and expect them to be like day one, they aren't going to be.

But how much is their performance really affected? I've played with a few sets, but decided it was time for the ultimate test. I pulled out a set of nail wraps that I opened a year ago (their Love & Liberty set) and blogged about a year ago. I originally showed you a full mani, but I didn't show you how I played around a bit to see how they'd work for nail art.

Keep in mind, this mani was me trying things out, not meant to be presented as a finalized mani. But I played around with strips and cutting out shapes, and oh by the way, there is a almost a week of tip wear on those tips. Good durability.

I pulled out what I had left of those strips this week. They have been open for a year now, with a piece of scotch tape holding the flap down--but not airtight by any means. Here's what I discovered.

(1) The strips absolutely still adhere. They don't have the full mega seal they once did, but they stick, and don't come back off super easily. You can 100% use them for nail art purposes, even a year later. Especially if you plan to put a simple coat of topcoat on top of them.

(2) The strips rip much more easily, as advertised, but they don't just fall apart. So, if you're careful and start out with a strip cut to the right size so you don't have to stretch it, you can certain get an accent nail or two going strong. I just wouldn't count on being able to get all 10 nails covered well, because the odds are no longer in your favor, and getting the right coverage will be tricky.

So, from a nail art perspective, this adds a ton of value and flexibility to these strips for me. I can do a full manicure with the set, and then save the extras for nail art, either accent nails or to cut into shapes, etc. And, because I love skittle manicures, this means I can make several manicures like the one I showed you last time with one set, and still have some left-overs for other things. For a penny-pincher like me, this is great news!

Incoco just released their Metropolis Summer 2014 collection (I'll be showing you a few from this collection soon), and a Soccer Championship collection; they also have a neon collection which is very fun for summer. :)

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  1. Nice review on these nail appliques. Those are fun.

  2. I haven't tried Incoco, but I've got some leftover Sally Hansen strips laying around, maybe I will try to incorporate those into nail art as well. Thanks for testing it out for all of us! It provides great info!

    1. I haven't tried those yet, but I bet they'd work. If they're not sticky enough anymore, try putting a couple of dots of fast-drying top coat on your nail (like you're doing a dot accent), and put them on top. Then with a layer of top coat on top, they should stay...:)


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