Friday, May 30, 2014

Before & After: Nostalgia is nostalgic for a reason...


Recently my friend Jenna over at Inky Whisker's Musings introduced me to an eBay site where you can buy all sorts of discontinued polishes from the 90s (and other times)...She has a passion for Sally Hansen Chromes, and I have a passion for Sally Hansen Prisms. I still have one that I bought back in the day...but that's a story for another time. The point is, I scooted on over and bought myself two.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. You look back, you sigh, you think of simpler, better times. You cuddle a kitten, you have a cry, and then you get up and wash the dishes. Some times you remember things worse than they were, sometimes you remember them better than they were, but you never get it 100% right.

These polishes reminded me of that. One was much better than I remembered, and the other one...wasn't. Not because of the polish itself, exactly, because it's beautiful; this is Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst:

This is a silky, icy, light blue-dusty lavender purple duochrome. So why do I say it wasn't as great as I remember? Because there are at least three other polishes out there that are dupes for it, and the formula isn't as great as modern polishes. That doesn't mean it's not a great polish; it just means there's not a need to go out and hunt it down. As soon as I am able to unpack all of my stored polishes (darn pipe replacement!) I'll do a comparison for you with the others I have, if you'd like. :)

For my nail art, I decided to compliment the blue and the purple; also something about the icy feel to the polish made me want a geometric pattern (maybe it's that Superman man-cave thing, lol). So I used Sally Hansen Brisk blue and Lively Lilac, with MoYou London's Artist Collection 04. I added a little rhinestone for emphasis:

Here's the part of the plate I used:

What do you think?

M. :)


  1. That's nice! Love the colorful stamping you did on it. Must get some MoYou London plates, they look like a lot of fun to use.

    1. They're really great--you'll love them. :)

  2. This looks gorgeous! I love everything about this, from the base color, to the dual color stamping!

  3. love the dual color stamping! it goes really well with the base color too! :)

  4. likey! It's nice to know I've enabled you after all the times you've gotten me. LOL

    1. You have enabled me many many times, have no fear...:)

  5. Looks really computery-techish
    love it


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