Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Want to name a Zoya polish??

Have you ever dreamed of naming a Zoya Color? This is your big chance to join in on the color naming fun... Zoya Creative Director, Rebecca Isa has created 3 gorgeous, new colors for Redbook and the magazine is running a naming contest for them in the September 15 Issue (page 60).

· Creamy Cherry Red

· Metallic Plum

· Sheer Sparkly Gold

As you may know, Zoya names all of our colors after women - so submit your Mom or Bestie or Idol or even your own name to maybe become the next new Zoya!
After the winning names are selected by the Redbook team, the colors will be available through December on as a full size (0.5 oz) trio - $27 (US).

And as individual colors in salons and ULTA stores - $9 ea. (US).

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  1. Sob sob only available for US and parts of Canada. Why does nothing fun ever happen in the UK!


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