Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cheeky jumbo plates available again!!

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I just found out that the Cheeky jumbo plates are available again on Amazon! For a while you couldn't find them, but they are BACK! So if you missed them, now you can snap them up!

I have blog posts and video reviews of each plate, if you're not sure which ones you want:

Cheeky jumbo plate 01: Viva Mexico (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 02: Tropical Dreams (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 03: European Romance (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 04: Top Of The Class (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 05: Musical nails (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 06: Happy Holidays (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 07: Home Sweet Home (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 08: Princess Charming (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 09: Wild At Heart (Easy)
Cheeky jumbo plate 10: Happy Nails (Easy)

Here are some fast shots to refresh your memory:


And they also have the alphabet jumbo plates back, as well. I don't have reviews for these, but I own most of them and if you'd like to see a review of them, let me know and I will make it happen!


You can find the plates on Amazon; they vary in price but are each around $8-11 depending on plate and if you buy them in a bundle.

Happy shopping!


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