Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Before & After: Tri-polish challenge


Crumpet Nail Tarts are trying out a new type of challenge--the Tri-polish challenge. Here is how it works:

1) Each month, the 'prompt' is a set of three colors. For March, the colors are coral, green, and purple.

2) Each participant picks a color they want to represent each of those three colors. The ones I've picked are Sally Hansen's Snappy Sorbet for coral, China Glaze's OMG A UFO for green, and China Glaze's When Stars Collide for purple.

3) Each participant does 4 manis, of any type they like (stamping, gradient, free-hand, etc.). The only requirement is that each mani must contain at least two of the three polishes, and one of them must involve all three.

I'm not sure how well I'll do with this challenge, because usually polish 'speaks to me', and I get a mindset about what I want to do with it. So coming up with 4 different approaches will definitely stretch my versatility and polish muscles!

For today's mani I used two of the three colors, my purple (China Glaze When Stars Collide) and my coral (Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet):

China Glaze When Stars Collide

 I used Cheeky plate C, and added two sequins in green (in the spirit of the challenge, although this doesn't count for my all-three-colors mani. :) )

I'm already in love with this challenge because it's getting me to put together colors I wouldn't have before. I never would have paired these, but I love them together. :)

Thanks for looking! Please check out the other purple, coral and green manis below. :)



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