Thursday, March 7, 2013

Before & After: Celtic majesty


Today I have the first of several St. Patrick's Day-ish manicures that I've played around with in anticipation of the holiday. :)

I started off with a base of Sation's I Paint In Peace. As you can see, I wore it for a couple of days before I took a picture of it. This is a deep, muted Kelly green with a flash of blue sparkle; this was the first Sation I bought, and I was really pleasantly surprised with it:

Sation I Paint In Peace in direct sunlight

Sation I Paint In Peace in the shade

Then I stamped a Celtic pattern on top, using Cheeky XL plate D and China Glaze Passion:

Every mani dies...

Not every mani truly lives!

I do admit I'm partial to Celtic patterns--they have a magic to them that I love--so I really like this mani.  If you're not quite the Celtic fan I am, a single accent nail might work a bit better for you. :)

On another note, I did this mani before I had to pack up and move a house (and am now unpacking and sorting...ugh), and since then my index and middle fingernails have broken here and there and now I have nubbins...So when I look at these pictures, I heave a deep sigh...Is it possible to be jealous of your own nails?? (hee hee hee)

Thanks for looking! Xoxox,


  1. It's completely possible to be envious of your own nails. I have experienced that before.

    I LOVE this manicure. My wallet screams no, but I need this plate like nothing else. I have to have it. Love Celtic patterns like nobody.

    I think it must be a "green" day as a huge chunk of my feed was giving me green manicures.

    Did I say I loved your manicure? :P

    1. My name is Michelle, and I'm jealous of my own nails...sigh...(and thank you!!)

  2. Oooo so pretty! The stamping looks so intricate <3

    1. Thank you thank you! That's why I adore stamping, it's so easy to get intricate looks that I could never draw myself >.< :)


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