Sunday, March 31, 2013

NOTD: Happy Easter (Or, how I was beaten down by a manicure...)


It's no surprise that on Easter Sunday, my stamping group decided to have Easter as our theme. I knew what I wanted to do, had it all planned out in my head, knew I'd do it Easter morning, all was good.

You know what they say: If you want to make God laugh, make plans.

First, after two months of sorting, packing, unpacking, sorting, trying to fit things into a small house, and still more nails finally surrendered to fate. I know it's not surprising, but I was so hopeful it wouldn't happen. After all, I'd almost made it to the end; even though all of it (along with the weather) have shot my cuticles completely, and I've had a few little chips along the way, I hadn't had any bad breaks. But no; it was not to be. Finally I broke a nail big time...below the nail bed line. And not just one, but several--and on both hands. Luckily, on the worst ones my nail bed had grown out past the tip of my finger, so with a little gentle pushing back, I didn't have to actually injure the nail bed and bleed out. Hull breach avoided--but I am now Queen of Nubbins.

So, I made my first change to my design, simplified it a bit for shorter nails.

My original plan was to use China Glaze Tranzitions (Duplicityy and Modify Me), and stamp on them with my Bunny Nails DH plates, and a non-fast-drying topcoat. I tried three different ones. None of them worked.

Okay. 'Nother change of plans. Instead, now I decided to stamp the blue on the green and vice versa. Thank goodness, it worked:

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' down the bunny trial...

Oh, but the story isn't done yet.

Since my Tranzitions artwork didn't work with the topcoat thing, I figured I might as well put top coat over the design; I figured it would just make it go to the darker colors. And that's when things went horribly, horribly wrong...The topcoat made the polish change, but not in a uniform way! It was all streaky and gross!!! It was so horrible, I didn't even mind when a cat hair got stuck in the polish--that was actually an improvement:

NO. Bad polish. BAD polish!
Wow, this is an epically horrible result--And I didn't have time to redo it, since I waited until Easter morning to do it. Ugh!! When I bought these, I figured, hey, even if I don't manage to find a way to use it for nail art, at least I can get two different colors out of each bottle, and that will be cool. Apparently not! Thank goodness I only bought three of these--and I'm regretting even that.

But, before I over-react, I need to play with them more. Maybe topcoat over the whole thing isn't the best idea, but that doesn't mean other things won't work. And I did like the manicure before I messed with it, so the colors are good as long as I don't put on topcoat.

Thanks for taking a look. Hugs!


  1. That was really adorable before the top coat messed it up. I like the bunny design you used.

    1. Thank you! Thank goodness I only topcoated one hand and waited to see how it at least I had one good hand, lol!

  2. I kinda like the mottled look of the "grass" nails. And yes, I tried to stamp with topcoat on my one and only Transitions...tried 3 different ones with no success. So glad I only purchased one of them just to give it a try. Used once and has been sitting in my "shall I give it away?" pile. Happy Easter!

    1. So frustrating! Mine may also end up there, unless they wear well without topcoat (which I'm a bit skeptical about, sigh...). Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Your nails look great to me! I love reading your stories!! I think your nails look great the length they are.

    1. Aww, thank you! I usually don't talk too much about my life or myself because I figure people just want to hear about the manicure, and not have me blather on, lol. But maybe I'm wrong about that...:)


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