Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Half Pearls from Born Pretty Store


Today I have some nail art for you featuring some half pearls that Born Pretty Store sent me for review. I've been wondering about these for a while now, and I love the idea of using them for spring manicures. :)

"Half Pearls!" you say, "What are they?" Take a gander:

Half pearls from Born Pretty Store

You use these just like rhinestones; whatever your preferred method for putting rhinestones on will work perfectly here. And if you don't have one, I have a review coming up later that will show you a new tool I've just tried out for picking up and attaching things like rhinestones and pearls. :)

On to the manicure! I started with Ruby White Tips Poppy for my base (I'll be reviewing this polish, along with other beauties from her store, later this week, so if you want to see more, stay tuned!).  Then I sponged Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (now Silver Star, I believe) over half of the nail,  to give a textured edge. Finally, I added purple pearls to the accent nails, and pink pearls to the rest of the nails:

You could (of course!) do this with pearls on the accent nail only, if you want a little less pearl-itude, and I can see myself doing that for more every-day wear. But I love this for an Easter look if you want to stay away from the typical bunnies and eggs, lol. The pearls give it a soft, spring feel.

I love that you get a bunch of different colors in the set, and that the predominant color is white. I'll definitely use white most often, but I enjoy the fun of different color options for different looks. How fun would it be to use the blue and the pink in a dotticure for one of those reveal-the-gender baby showers that are hot lately?

You can find the pearls on the Born Pretty Store site by clicking here. They have another set with different colors, and sets that just have white (and in different sizes). This set sells for $3.55 for the full wheel; that's a great price IMO for the assortment. And you can also get 10% off of your entire order by using my discount code, MCL91:

To be clear because of the new FTC regulations, I am NOT an affiliate and I do not make any money when you use this discount code, when you click any of these links, or when you buy from Born Pretty Store in any way. And as always, I'm 100% honest about every product I review. :)

Thanks for reading, and hope you like the manicure! :)


(The pearls in this post were sent for my 100% honest review).


  1. its so cute! :) how long did they last?

    1. I usually only wear my manis for a day or two max, so I took them off before they fell off. But, they were not easy to get off, lol! I had to pry them. I think it depends on the technique you use. With these, I put a dab of topcoat where I want them, and then stick them on top. Then I put a coat of topcoat around them, sometimes over if I want to be really sure something will stay. That usually cements them in place even when I do wear my manis for longer. :)

  2. The glittery polish here makes me ponder. In one picture is looks Coral on the pink side, and on the other its more close to orange. What would you say?

    Beautiful manicure, hun. I love the peals. Will have to pick some up on my next haul from BornPrettyStore.


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