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Review: Bunny Nails Holiday plates HD-E and HD-F


You know I love Bunny Nails plates, so I was over the moon when she asked me to review her new holiday plates. Hee hee hee heee heeeee...Of course I have to start off with a video showing you the plates, with of consciousness comments over the top of it:

Now on to the still pictures, starting with HD-E:

And some close-ups:

Reindeer sweater, plus a matching single reindeer in the next picture

Pine cones to layer with the pine spray you'll see later. I love that stylized holly spray, that perfect tree, those three wise men, the many pretties...

This looks like a plate of Christmas cookies to me.

Pretty leaves to make any color you like

This looks to me like a magic breeze (ala Chocolat or Mary Poppins) came up and swirled all of those leaves around

How cute is that dinner plate and the turkey on the platter! 

Easy Christmas Tree background

Pretty leaves--I see poinsettias when I see these. :)

Those New Year's Eve revelers toasting and dancing just make me want to get up and partay

If you want a holiday sweater look without reindeer or santas all over it, this is perfect

Acorns and leaves perfect for building fall manicures

Numbers made out of stars, perfect for welcoming in the New Year

Firework burst large enough for you to go in and add glitter or accent colors

And on to HD-F:

And on to the close-ups:

Santa sweater pattern :)

A quick pause to comment on the below picture. If you have the Bunny Nails Holiday plates (a set of octagonal plates she released last year) you may be worried about whether there are any dupes. In particular, the top left 6 designs on the below picture are also on those plates. However, these are smaller in size, so they are not exact dupes. The only other design I found that had a potential dupe from the other plates was the turkey on HD-E (the live one, not the one on the platter). Not only is the turkey on HD-E smaller than the previous one, it's a mirror-image reversal, too. So no dupes, and only a few images that are close to the ones she had last year. :)

I really love the idea of putting the 'Let It Snow' from this plate over the snowflake image below

Amazingly detailed snowflake image...this is my favorite snowflake background image I've ever seen

Pretty stars for all of your silent winter night manicures. A beautiful background stamp, or isolate any and every size you could ever need, lol!

I love the hanging 'Ho ho ho' and that pine branch would be amazing for building your own wreath

Angel Christmas sweater!

I see ice crystals on a window in this would also make lovely winter tree branches

The holly bough here makes it easy to stamp a holly design across all your nails; but I am so excited to have a manger scene that I can play with!!!

This has this retro look that I think is so fun for playful holiday looks :)

Cable knit? Wheat field? Whatever you like.

Army of gingerbread minions!!!

Candy Canes FTW

One of my favorite images from the set--I will do a tutorial about how to make each of the ornaments different colors if you'd like me to. :)

So many different pretty snowflakes to choose from...

An easy way to get lights on your nails

The cutest snowman on the planet

It's probably pretty clear from my comments that I adore these plates and think they are a one-stop center for all your holiday designs. There are so many individual designs I love, and of course that's important. But aspect of Bunny Nails' plates that I really appreciate is how the images are designed to work together. She gives you plenty of variety to be able to build scenes or have complementary designs on different nails. Making a dinner scene would be a snap with these plates, a Santa-and-his-reindeer scenario, a beautiful manger scene and even a wreath made up of the pine bough and ornaments. There is a lot of thought here, not just in slapping down some holiday images, but in putting together plates that are highly versatile in their possibilities.

I'm hurrying to get this up in time for you to by them for your Christmas Eve manicures, so I didn't include a test here. But I can tell you with 99% certainty that these are high quality plates that you won't have a problem with--the etching is very well done, and looks just like the plates I've gotten from her in the past. I will do a manicure with them later today to show you in case you want to wait to see that test.

Here is a size comparison with a standard Konad plate:

You can see that the full-nail images are gi-flippin-normous. :)

These are available now on the Bunny Nails site; you can find them here:

HD-E Plate
HD-F Plate

At the time of this posting, they were $17.99 each, with free shipping internationally!!! You still have time to get these before Christmas Eve if you are in the US and probably also Canada. It's a little bit more unclear if you can get them in Europe before then, but I did send a package to France recently that got there in less than a week. :)

I totally love these plates, they are well in line with Bunny Nails' high standards. I highly recommend you take a look, and I hope you're having a very happy holiday season so far!

Hugs and holiday loves,


  1. Wow, love these - wish I had seen them a few weeks ago!

  2. Fun designs on these plates! Super festive ;)

  3. this is so cool!! I am putting this on my wish list ... Thanks for the share

  4. Dang it. Now I want these too! Every time you review plates, they end up on my wish list!

    1. Hey, blame Bunny Nails! She's the one that makes the awesome plates!! :)

  5. More converts under your spell *muahahahaha*... must go buy Bunny Nails E & F now... LMBBO <3

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  7. Hello Michelle!
    First, congrats for your awesome is really great!! :-)
    I would like to know which stamp best works for the bunny nails plates? Do you use a XL one...and which of them...the sticky silicone o the silicone one that isn't sticky...or do you recommend rather a "hard" stamp, for ex. a Konad stamper?
    Thank you in advance very much for your response!
    ...and keep up your amazing good working in 2014!!!
    Hugs from Switzerland

    1. Hello! Thanks so much!! I think the type of stamper you want to use depends on which image. For these plates, I mostly use the standard Konad stamper (that is my preferred stamper across the board). Some of her plates have really big designs, and if you want to use those and have really long nails, I'd suggest the XL stampers. If you are trying to get at some of the small designs in the center of the plate, using the small end of the Konad stamper is the easiest way, imo. :) Hugs back!


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